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This index contains information abstracted, by JCGS volunteers, listing military personnel mentioned in the local Jefferson County Newspapers during World War I, 1916-1919.  It establishes residence in Jefferson County for the many military personnel stationed in Jefferson County during this period.  The article might contain the draft notice, list the branch of service and rank, engagements or marriages, leaves, and the like.

See Jefferson County Records for information on Military Indexes in Jefferson County.

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File update 16 August 2013.

Surname First Name Date
MACGREGOR George Delevan 18-Sep-1918
MACHADO Henry 12-Jun-1917
MACK William Philip 19-Sep-1918
MADDEN R. J. 4-Aug-1918
MADDOCK Jasper 12-Jun-1917
MADISON Martin 19-Sep-1918
MAGEE George Douglas 11-Jun-1918
MAGEE/MCGEE James Joseph 12-Jun-1917
MAGILL Lee S. 10-Dec-1918
MAHER John L. 30-Jul-1918
MAIN George Elliott 22-Sep-1918
MAIRE William 12-Jun-1917
MAKI Frank 22-Sep-1918
MALLORY G. B. 23-Dec-1917
MALMGREN Eric G. 10-Jul-1917
MALMON August 10-Jul-1917
MALONEY Michael D. 1-May-1918
MANLEY Frank Garfield 18-Sep-1918
MANN Charles 19-Sep-1918
MANSON M. R. 9-Jun-1918
MARGGRAF Fred 9-Jul-1918
MARIANA Charles A. 24-Jul-1918
MARIANI Charles Americo 12-Jun-1917
MARION Capt. 30-Jun-1918
MARION P. P. 4-Aug-1918
MARNISHI K. 19-Sep-1918
MAROLDO Joseph 17-Sep-1918
MARSH Clyde Leroy 12-Jun-1917
MARTIN Alfred Calvin 19-Sep-1918
MARTIN Anthony O. 12-Jun-1917
MARTIN Ben 18-Sep-1918
MARTIN Dean 4-May-1918
MARTIN Robert Steller 18-Sep-1918
MARTIN William Henry 17-Sep-1918
MARTZ Charles R. 12-Jun-1917
MARTZ Charles R. 19-Apr-1918
MARUISKI Kichimatsu 12-Jun-1917
MATHESON Bruce 12-Jun-1917
MATHESON Henry 6-Jun-1918
MATHESON Wallace 12-Jun-1917
MATHEWS Francis A. 12-Jun-1917
MATHISEN Charley 18-Sep-1918
MATTHEWS Francis A. 25-Jul-1918
MATTHIES Gustav Henry 17-Sep-1918
MAYTSH Miller 12-Jun-1917
MC ILLROY E. J. 4-Jan-1918
MCARDLE Earl Hamilton 18-Sep-1918
MCBRIDE Clyde David 19-Sep-1918
MCBRIDE John Murray 19-Sep-1918
MCBRIDE Wayne Thomas 18-Sep-1918
MCCALLUM G. H. 23-Dec-1917
MCCARTHY Jack 19-Sep-1918
MCCAUSTLAND G. G. 4-Aug-1918
MCCLANNHAN Ralph Enterkine 19-Sep-1918
MCCLOSKEY Manue 23-Aug-1918
MCCONAGHY John R. 12-Jun-1917
MCCORD John Bell 15-May-1918
MCCRAIT Clyde 12-Jun-1917
MCCRAIT Clyde 4-Jan-1918
MCCREADY N. W. 23-Dec-1917
MCCRELLIS 28-Dec-1918
MCCROSKEY 28-Jul-1918
MCCULLEM Philliip John 12-Jun-1917
MCCULLOCH James 23-Feb-1918
MCCURDY Horace 13-Feb-1919
MCCURDY Horace W. 7-Oct-1917
MCCURDY Horace W. 1-Jan-1918
MCCURDY Horace W. 4-Jan-1918
MCCURDY Horace W. 21-Feb-1918
MCCURDY Horace W. 15-Jun-1918
MCCURDY Winslow Morgan 18-Sep-1918
MCCURRY Lester 12-Jun-1917
MCCURRY Lester 4-Jan-1918
MCCUTCHEN Claude H. 10-Jul-1917
MCCUTCHEON Claude H. 7-Aug-1918
MCCUTCHEON Claude H. 8-Aug-1918
MCCUTCHEON Claude H. 25-Aug-1918
MCDADE Charles M. 31-Jan-1918
MCDANIEL Charles E. 8-Jul-1919
MCDONALD Austin 18-Sep-1918
MCDONALD Clark Lorenzo 18-Sep-1918
MCDONALD Edward J. 15-Dec-1917
MCDONALD H. E. 23-Dec-1917
MCDONALD Ray L. 25-Jul-1918
MCDONALD William 12-Jan-1918
MCDONALD William 12-Jun-1918
MCDONALD William Cruickshank 12-Jun-1917
MCFARLAND William M. 12-Jun-1917
MCGEE George Clifford 17-Sep-1918
MCGEE George Clifford 12-Nov-1918
MCGEE George Clifford 16-Nov-1918
MCGEE Joseph J. 31-Oct-1917
MCGEE Tom 19-Sep-1918
MCGEE William Samuel 12-Jun-1917
MCGILL Lieut. 21-Jul-1918
MCGREGOR Kelsey 6-Jan-1918
MCGREGOR Kelsey 15-Jun-1918
MCGREGOR Kelsey 11-Sep-1918
MCGREGOR Lester H. 14-Jul-1917
MCILLROY Edmund J. 12-Jun-1917
MCINTYRE Calvin Paige 20-Sep-1918
MCINTYRE Paul B. 10-Dec-1918
MCKANZIE William George 1-Jun-1919
MCKAY Fred 29-Aug-1918
MCKAY Richard 4-Aug-1918
MCKEAN Frank M. 12-Jun-1917
MCKEAN William Albert 18-Aug-1918
MCKELVY Robert Pinckney 12-Jun-1917
MCKENZIE 26-Aug-1918
MCKENZIE H. C. 23-Dec-1917
MCKONE Percy T. 11-Jun-1918
MCLARNEY Douglas Joseph 12-Jun-1917
MCLARNEY Eddie 13-Mar-1918
MCLARNEY Ralph 3-May-1917
MCLARNEY Ralph A. 4-Jan-1918
MCLARNEY Ralph A. 15-Jun-1918
MCLARNEY Ralph A. 15-Dec-1918
MCLEAN David George 19-Sep-1918
MCLELLAN Thomas J. 18-Sep-1918
MCLEOD John Robert 19-Sep-1918
MCMAHON Joseph Waldo Jr. 17-Sep-1918
MCMANUE 31-Oct-1917
MCMANUS George H. 2-Mar-1918
MCMILLAN William L. 12-Jun-1917
MCMILLEN Irie Frank 12-Jun-1917
MCMILLEN James Earl 19-Sep-1918
MCMULLEN George Edward 22-Sep-1918
MCNEAL Abel Decker 19-Sep-1918
MCNEILL Clarence H. 2-Mar-1918
MCNEILL Lyle John 22-Sep-1918
MCQUARRIE Donald 27-Jan-1918
MCQUARRIE Donald 20-Apr-1918
MEAD William Henry 12-Jun-1917
MEEKER Fred Oren 18-Sep-1918
MELLES Ray 4-Aug-1918
MENISH Louis 18-Sep-1918
MERLE Albert Perkins 19-Sep-1918
MERRILL Grant 6-Mar-1918
MERRILL Grant 15-Jun-1918
MERRILL Grant Warren 12-Jun-1917
MERRILL Lewis 7-Mar-1918
MESSENGER William 15-Jun-1918
MESSFORD Ivan 19-Apr-1917
MESSNER Angeline (Miss. ) 19-Jun-1918
MESSNER Daniel 19-Sep-1918
MESSNER Jacob 17-Sep-1918
METZGER Jackson Kingston 12-Jun-1917
MEYER Anton 12-Jun-1917
MEYER Anton 24-Jul-1918
MEYER Anton 28-Jul-1918
MEYER Anton 30-Jul-1918
MEYER Charles 18-Sep-1918
MEYER Henry 12-Jun-1917
MEYER Marcus Serephim 18-Sep-1918
MEYERS Ivan I. 10-Dec-1918
MIDDLETON Alexander 17-Sep-1918
MILBOURN George Arthur 19-Sep-1918
MILBURN Horace Ovid 20-Sep-1918
MILBURN Horace Ovid 31-Oct-1918
MILES Milton E. 17-Jul-1918
MILLER 4-Aug-1918
MILLER Alpheus Coss 18-Sep-1918
MILLER Carl 19-Sep-1918
MILLER Charles Elias 18-Sep-1918
MILLER Clanceford Harley 19-Sep-1918
MILLER Claude 10-Jul-1917
MILLER Harold Frank 19-Sep-1918
MILLER Henry Jacob 12-Jun-1917
MILLER Henry Jacob 20-Jul-1918
MILLER Henry Jacob 25-Jul-1918
MILLER L. A. 31-Dec-1918
MILLER Thomas Duigguid 17-Sep-1918
MILLER Walter Jacob 17-Sep-1918
MILLS Albert Edward 18-Sep-1918
MILLSAP Eugene 8-Jan-1918
MILLSIP Eugene C. 9-Feb-1918
MILROY Tom 17-Sep-1918
MILROY Tom 1-Oct-1918
MILZNER Milville 23-Oct-1917
MINNAHAN Ira William 18-Sep-1918
MINNAHAN Michael Edward 18-Sep-1918
MINNIHAN Emmet 12-Jun-1917
MISFORD Marius J. 19-Sep-1918
MISKIN Reuben 4-Jan-1918
MITCHELL C. P. 23-Dec-1917
MITCHELL Davd 19-Feb-1918
MITCHELL Henry 17-Sep-1918
MITCHELL James B. 2-Mar-1918
MITTON J. Stanley 4-Jan-1918
MITTON J. Stanley 7-Feb-1918
MITTON John Stanley 12-Jun-1917
MITTON Stanley 24-Jul-1918
MITTON Stanley 30-Jul-1918
MOEN Iva 10-Jul-1917
MOEN Peter 10-Jul-1917
MOHUS Norman Redland 19-Sep-1918
MOMER Henry Frank 19-Sep-1918
MONTES Joe 6-Jun-1918
MONTES Joe 10-Jul-1918
MONTES Joe 14-Jul-1918
MOONEY Phillip Sheridan 18-Sep-1918
MOORE Clyde S. 13-Feb-1918
MOORE Eric 4-Jan-1918
MOORE Eric Monroe 12-Jun-1917
MOORE G. E. 4-Jan-1918
MOORE Gerald 15-Jun-1918
MOORE Gerald Edwin 12-Jun-1917
MOORE H. B. 4-Aug-1918
MOORE H. B. 27-Oct-1918
MORALDO William 4-Jan-1918
MORALDO William 15-Jun-1918
MOREY Henry 18-Sep-1918
MORGAN Alfred S. 2-Mar-1918
MORGAN Edwin James 18-Sep-1918
MORGAN Thomas 20-Sep-1918
MORGAN Warren Delphine 18-Sep-1918
MORKEN Nels 18-Sep-1918
MORRIS E. W. 18-Feb-1919
MORRIS L. H. 24-Oct-1917
MORSE 30-Jun-1918
MORSE Arthur 12-Jun-1917
MORSE Arthur 4-Jan-1918
MORSE Harry A. 12-Jun-1917
MORSE Warren 12-Jun-1917
MOSER Noah 22-Sep-1918
MOSES Mckinley 6-Jun-1918
MOSES Mckinley 10-Jul-1918
MOSES Mckinley 14-Jul-1918
MOSES Mckinley 30-Aug-1918
MOWREY C. W. 23-Dec-1917
MULLER/MUELLER William Robert 12-Jun-1917
MUNCASTER Roy 24-Apr-1918
MUNN Evangeline 9-Aug-1918
MUNN H. J. 4-Jan-1918
MUNN Hector 18-Dec-1918
MUNN Hector John 12-Jun-1917
MUNN Sarah 9-Aug-1918
MUNN Viola 9-Aug-1918
MURATZKO Antonio B. 18-Sep-1918
MURPHY Edward 12-Jun-1917
MURPHY Edward 7-Aug-1918
MURPHY Edward Arnold 18-Sep-1918
MURPHY Francis Raymond 19-Sep-1918
MURPHY P. B. 4-Jan-1918
MURPHY Phil 11-May-1919
MURPHY Phillip Bernard 12-Jun-1917
MURPHY Thomas Harold 18-Sep-1918
MURPHY William M. 7-Aug-1918
MURRAY Edmund 10-Jul-1917
MURRAY William M. 12-Jun-1917
MUSICH Marko 19-Sep-1918
MUSTARD Ralph 22-Sep-1918
MUTTY G. E. 4-Jan-1918
MUTTY Lewis P. 13-Jul-1918
MUTTY Lewis P. 19-Jul-1918
MUTTY Lewis P. 20-Jul-1918
MUTTY Lewis Peter 12-Jun-1917
MUTTY Louis 21-Jul-1917
MUTTY Louis 15-Jun-1918
MUTTY Louis P. 11-Jul-1918
MYERS Heine 18-Nov-1917
MYRICK Dale Dymond 12-Jun-1917
MYRICK Dan 18-Jul-1918
NAGEL William 17-Sep-1918
NAHULHEQUE Pelipe 12-Jun-1917
NAKANO T. 17-Sep-1918
NAW Eng. Sue 12-Jun-1917
NAZARENUE Lenn Mahronholt 22-Sep-1918
NEAT A. F. 7-Aug-1918
NEAT Arthur 12-Jun-1917
NEEDHAM Oliver Bardwell 18-Sep-1918
NEEL James Franklin 22-Dec-1918
NEGL (?) T. 17-Sep-1918
NEILSEN Anton 19-Sep-1918
NELSON August Bernard 22-Sep-1918
NELSON George A. 12-Jun-1917
NELSON Julius 17-Sep-1918
NELSON Laurits 12-Jun-1917
NELSON Robeert 8-Jul-1917
NENISH Joe 18-Sep-1918
NESS Martin O. 19-Sep-1918
NEWMAN Arthur 18-Sep-1918
NEWMAN Samuel Argyle 18-Sep-1918
NEWMAN Victor Innias 19-Sep-1918
NEWTON Henry W. 13-Feb-1919
NEYHART Chester L. 10-Jul-1917
NEYHART Chester L. 12-Apr-1918
NICHELSON Earl Elias 18-Sep-1918
NICHOLSON Allen 6-Jun-1918
NICHOLSON Allen 10-Jul-1918
NICHOLSON Allen 14-Jul-1918
NICHOLSON Allen 30-Aug-1918
NICKERSON Ellis Carry 19-Sep-1918
NILES S. B. 4-Jan-1918
NILES Stephen B. 12-Jun-1917
NISBET John Lambie 19-Sep-1918
NISHI Keijiro 18-Sep-1918
NIX 8-May-1918
NOLAN W. A. 15-Jun-1918
NONAK Montara 12-Jun-1917
NONAKA M. 19-Sep-1918
NONAKA T. 17-Sep-1918
NOOT William Frank 17-Sep-1918
NORMAN Alfred 12-Jun-1917
NORMAN Edward James 18-Sep-1918
NORMAN Howard 8-May-1917
NORMAN Mandus Lars 22-Sep-1918
NORTHUP Benson Leonidas 12-Jun-1917
NORTHUP George Harvey 12-Jun-1917
NORTHUP J. L. 4-Jan-1918
NORTHUP John Lester 12-Jun-1917
NOTTOSEN Oscar 21-Nov-1918
NOVELLE Mr. 21-Nov-1918
NOVOTNEY Frank E. 11-Apr-1918
OBENCHAIN Edgar E. 15-Jun-1919
O’BRIEN Francis 15-Jun-1918
O’BRIEN Francis 21-Nov-1918
O’BRIEN Francis P. 12-Jun-1917
O’BRIEN R. A. 11-Apr-1918
O’CONNER James Joseph 18-Sep-1918
O’HANRAHAN Edward 17-Apr-1918
OHISER Louis R. 17-Apr-1918
OHMERT Jesse Guy 18-Sep-1918
OLSEN Alfred 19-Sep-1918
OLSEN Harry 12-Jun-1917
OLSEN Jacob A. 12-Jun-1917
OLSON Carl 30-Jun-1918
OLSON Dewey 28-Nov-1917
OLSON Dewey Carl 6-Jun-1918
OLSON Dewey Carl 10-Jul-1918
OLSON Dewey Carl 14-Jul-1918
OLSON Dewey Carl 11-Aug-1918
OLSON Dewey Carl 22-Aug-1918
OLSON Fred 12-Jun-1917
OLSON Fred 20-Jul-1918
OLSON Fred 25-Jul-1918
OLSON Harry 16-Mar-1918
OLSON Harry 28-Mar-1918
OLSON Harry 29-Mar-1918
OLSON Harry 15-Jun-1918
OLSON John 12-Jun-1917
OLSON John William 17-Sep-1918
OLSON Louis William 18-Sep-1918
OLSON Victor Ephraim 18-Sep-1918
O’MALLEY Peter Joseph 18-Sep-1918
O’NEILL Henry Edward 28-Apr-1918
O’REAR Clyde 15-Jun-1918
O’REAR Merle 13-Aug-1918
O’REAR Merle 13-Aug-1918
ORELIO Sessarego 4-Jul-1918
OSBORN Lee Risley 10-Jul-1917
OSBORNE Harry T. 19-Sep-1918
OSBORNE Lee R. 19-Sep-1918
OSTWALD John Efrom Karlsey 19-Sep-1918
OTANI Seizo 12-Jun-1917
OUTZER Peter Theodore 22-Sep-1918
OVERLOCK W. H. Jr. 23-Dec-1917
PACE Edward 17-Apr-1917
PACE Edward 15-Jun-1918
PACKARD Osgood 4-Aug-1918
PADDOCK Ralph E. 12-Jun-1917
PADDOCK William A. 21-May-1918
PADDOCK William A. 24-May-1918
PALO Fred 6-Oct-1918
PANTHER Albert August 22-Sep-1918
PARCELL Claude 8-Jul-1917
PARISCHUK Mike 17-Sep-1918
PARK Helley Bell 22-Sep-1918
PARKER 31-Dec-1918
PARKER J. W. 31-Dec-1918
PARKKO Martin 10-Sep-1918
PARMENTER Ray 12-Jun-1917
PARMER William Melrose 19-Sep-1918
PATSY Francis 18-Sep-1918
PATSY Joseph 17-Sep-1918
PATTERSON George F. 2-Mar-1918
PATTERSON William 15-Jun-1918
PATTISON William 20-Nov-1917
PATTON Albert William 12-Jun-1917
PAULSON Paul R. 4-Jan-1918
PAULSON Paul Richard 12-Jun-1917
PEACH Samuel Victor 18-Sep-1918
PEARSON Martin 12-Jun-1917
PEASE Frank Chester 18-Sep-1918
PEASE Franklyn M. 9-Feb-1918
PEIGHTEL Rollin Spencer 12-Jun-1917
PEMMANT Arthur 12-Jun-1917
PENIN Roy Earl 18-Sep-1918
PENN William Ernest 12-Jun-1917
PETERS James 18-Sep-1918
PETERS William 19-Sep-1918
PETERSON Andy 17-Sep-1918
PETERSON Carl 12-Jun-1917
PETERSON Carl 18-Sep-1918
PETERSON Carl L. 12-Jun-1917
PETERSON Charles 22-Sep-1918
PETERSON Christian B. 19-Sep-1918
PETERSON Christian B. 1-Oct-1918
PETERSON Clarence Rudolph 18-Sep-1918
PETERSON Ed 26-Jul-1918
PETERSON Edward 12-Jun-1917
PETERSON Edward 4-Jan-1918
PETERSON Elmer 14-Jun-1918
PETERSON Eric 31-Mar-1918
PETERSON F. 25-Jul-1918
PETERSON Harry Tarual 18-Sep-1918
PETERSON James Eddie 19-Sep-1918
PETERSON John 18-Sep-1918
PETERSON John Ernest 18-Sep-1918
PETERSON Louis 5-Oct-1919
PETERSON Ole 19-Sep-1918
PETERSON Ole 8-Nov-1918
PETERSON Pete John 14-Jun-1918
PETERSON Pete John 28-Jun-1918
PETERSON Peter John 12-Jun-1917
PETTYGROVE Benjamin Francis 17-Sep-1918
PEULES Francisca 12-Jun-1917
PFEIFFER Karl 17-Sep-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 19-Apr-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 21-Jul-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 28-Jul-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 4-Aug-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 17-Aug-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 27-Oct-1918
PHILLIPS Charles L. 18-Feb-1919
PHILLIPS Frederick 12-Jun-1917
PHILLIPS Frederick H. 29-Aug-1918
PHILLIPS John David 17-Sep-1918
PHILLIPS Ross Joseph 22-Sep-1918
PHILLIPS Ross Joseph 1-Oct-1918
PHINDER John Gottfrid 19-Sep-1918
PHISTERER Frederick W. 2-Mar-1918
PICARD Jean A. 27-Feb-1919
PIKE 4-Aug-1918
PINCKNEY Royden Lent 12-Jun-1917
PINKERTON R. W. 23-Dec-1917
PINTO Vito 12-Jun-1917
PISONI Louis 20-Sep-1918
PITTS George Raymond 12-Jun-1917
PLASTER William Cleveland 19-Sep-1918
POESNICKER Eli William 19-Sep-1918
POLLEY George Walter 18-Sep-1918
POLLITS Walter S. 15-Apr-1919
POLSON Nels Peter 17-Sep-1918
POOLSMA Pet 22-Sep-1918
POPE H. G. 18-Aug-1918
POPE H. W. 14-Sep-1917
POPE H. W. 24-Dec-1918
POST 4-Aug-1918
POST S. D. 4-Aug-1918
POTTS Kelly Brown 12-Jun-1917
POTZOLLI Julius 18-Sep-1918
POWELL 9-Mar-1919
POWELL Frank M. 28-Dec-1918
POWELL Walter Gilbert 12-Jun-1917
PRICE Alphus Hill 17-Sep-1918
PRICE Earl Wesley 12-Jun-1917
PRICE Frank William 22-Sep-1918
PRINGLE H. H. 23-Dec-1917
PROCTOR John R. 2-Mar-1918
PROSGER Julius 19-Sep-1918
PRUNTY Charles George 12-Jun-1917
PURVIANCE Thomas Bengelum 19-Sep-1918
PUTMAN Samuel P. 22-Oct-1918
PYM Joseph Henry 19-Sep-1918
QUELL Herbert William 19-Sep-1918
QUENELL Edward 17-Sep-1918
QUINN William Wallace 17-Sep-1918
QUIRING 7-Mar-1918
RADMAN Hans Ferdinand 20-Sep-1918
RAMIRES Joseph 19-Sep-1918
RAMSEY Dwight R. 10-Dec-1918
RAMSEY James 12-Jun-1917
RANDOLPH 20-Jul-1919
RANDOLPH Ade Calvin 19-Sep-1918
RASSMUSSEN Aag Conrad T. 12-Jun-1917
RAYNER Ernest B. 12-Jun-1917
RECTOR Louis H. 10-Dec-1918
REDDERS Paul Conrad 18-Sep-1918
REECE Mack E. 12-Jun-1917
REED Calven Eugne 12-Jun-1917
REESE John Jay 12-Jun-1917
REIGAL S. 4-Aug-1918
RENFIELD Tom 19-Sep-1918
RENO Jasper 13-Feb-1919
REX Edward 19-Sep-1918
REYNARD Benedicto 12-Jun-1917
REYNOLDS Frank 15-Jun-1918
RICE Richard George 18-Sep-1918
RICE Wilson 15-Jun-1918
RICH Fred 12-Jun-1917
RICH William 18-May-1917
RICHARDS Paul 12-Jun-1917
RICHARDS Robert Eugene 18-Sep-1918
RICHARDS Tully Ray 12-Jun-1917
RICHARDSON Henry 12-Jun-1917
RICHARDSON Paul Max 17-Sep-1918
RICHARDSON R. G. 29-Dec-1917
RICHARDSON Sabret Alexander 22-Sep-1918
RICHMOND James Fulton 18-Sep-1918
RICHMOND Tom 17-Sep-1918
RIDER Paul R. 10-Dec-1918
RIHTER Walter O. 30-May-1918
RINGQUIST Gustaf Emml 18-Sep-1918
RISCOSSA Grovanni 12-Jun-1917
RIX Anton 19-Sep-1918
RIX Anton 1-Oct-1918
ROBBINS Elwood V. 19-Sep-1918
ROBBINS Elwood V. 1-Oct-1918
ROBERT Trapeur 12-Jan-1919
ROBERTS Fred C. 12-Jun-1917
ROBERTS Howard John 12-Jun-1917
RODGERS Sirphin Paiva 17-Sep-1918
RODGERS Vernon 31-Mar-1918
ROFF Willis Weaver 12-Jun-1917
ROFF Willis Weaver 12-Apr-1918
ROGNAN Ben 12-Jun-1917
ROMIG Raymond Russel 17-Sep-1918
RONCHETTI George W. 31-Jul-1918
ROOP M. W. 23-Dec-1917
ROSE Edwin Arthur 17-Sep-1918
ROSE Eugene 12-Jun-1917
ROSE Lee A. 13-May-1919
ROSEBERRY Edmund 20-Jul-1918
ROSEBERRY Edmund 25-Jul-1918
ROSEBERRY Edward 12-Jun-1917
ROSEBERRY Edward 9-Jul-1918
ROSEBERRY Harry 12-Jun-1917
ROSENFIELD Joseph L. 10-Dec-1918
ROTTER Arthur W. 12-Jun-1917
ROWE Edward 4-Aug-1918
ROYATON Oswell Albert 18-Sep-1918
RUE Walter J. 12-Jun-1917
RUEHL 8-Jul-1919
RUEHLE George Dewey 18-Sep-1918
RUFF Willa B. 22-Oct-1918
RUHLER/RUDLER Robert Dixon 12-Jun-1917
RUNNELS Albert Victor 18-Sep-1918
RUNNELS Henry Glen 23-Oct-1918
RUSH James E. 12-Jun-1917
RUSH Joseph 17-Sep-1918
RUSS Fred William Johann 18-Sep-1918
RUSSELL 13-Jun-1918
RUSSELL Robert V. 23-Sep-1918
RUSTAD Carl 17-Sep-1918
RUSTAD Edger Bodman 18-Sep-1918
RUTMAN Fred S. 10-Jun-1917
RUTZ Carl 18-Sep-1918
RYAN 5-Dec-1918
RYAN Calvin Dewitt 12-Jun-1917
RYAN John Morris 19-Sep-1918
RYAN Robert Edgar 19-Sep-1918
RYTHER Archie J. 12-Jun-1917
SABIN Rowland G. 12-Jun-1917
SAILEY Frank William 20-Sep-1918
SAMUELSON Axel Richard 22-Sep-1918
SANDEL Fred 20-Nov-1917
SANDEL George 2-Nov-1918
SANDEL George Andrew 12-Jun-1917
SANDEL Lawrence 2-Jan-1918
SANDER Frederick Erwin 12-Jun-1917
SANDERS Alex 22-Sep-1918
SANDS Robert Newton 12-Jun-1917
SATHER George O. 12-Apr-1918
SATHER George Otto 12-Jun-1917
SATHER George Otto 18-Aug-1918
SATHER George Otto 17-Sep-1918
SATHER Ingemann Floyd 17-Sep-1918
SATHER Milton Julius 18-Sep-1918
SATHER Paul 9-Jul-1918
SATHER Paul 13-Jul-1918
SATHER Paul 24-Jul-1918
SATHER Paul 30-Jul-1918
SATHER Paul 6-Aug-1918
SATHER Paul Henry 12-Jun-1917
SATHER Paul Henry 17-Sep-1918
SATO Massaiye 12-Jun-1917
SATTERKEE William Brandon 19-Sep-1918
SAVAGE C. K. 12-Aug-1918
SAWALL A. M. 8-Feb-1919
SAWYER Obie Fletcher 12-Jun-1917
SAWYER Obie Fletcher 14-Sep-1918
SAYRE Alonza R. 10-Dec-1918
SCHARPHUIS Rorlof 18-Sep-1918
SCHEEHERT Paul Henry 12-Jun-1917
SCHERTEB Anton (?) 17-Sep-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 4-Jan-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 6-Jan-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 15-Jun-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 13-Jul-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 24-Jul-1918
SCHLAGER Edward E. 1-Dec-1918
SCHLAGER Edward Ernest 12-Jun-1917
SCHLAGER Ferdinand W. 24-Jul-1918
SCHLAGER Ferdinand William 12-Jun-1917
SCHLAGER Fredinand W. 21-Aug-1918
SCHLAGER Fredrick 11-Aug-1918
SCHMIDT T. R. Hermann 20-Sep-1918
SCHMITT Floyd R. 12-Jun-1917
SCHNATH Fred William 12-Jun-1917
SCHNATH Fred William 20-Jul-1918
SCHNATH Fred William 25-Jul-1918
SCHRADER John 10-May-1918
SCHRODER John 12-Jun-1917
SCHVOEPLER Fred 12-Jun-1917
SCOTT Albert 19-Sep-1918
SCOTT John Walter 12-Jun-1917
SEABROOK A. J. 23-Dec-1917
SEAGAR Lawrence 4-Jan-1918
SEAGER Harold 12-Jun-1917
SEAGER Lawrence E. 10-Jul-1917
SEAGER/SEGAR Harold 20-Jul-1918
SEAGER/SEGAR Harold 23-Jul-1918
SEAGER/SEGAR Harold 25-Jul-1918
SEATON Arthur 17-Apr-1918
SEATON Arthur 15-Jun-1918
SEATON Robert 15-Jun-1918
SEATON Robert 9-Feb-1919
SEAVEY Morris 12-Jun-1917
SEAVY Leroy James 17-Sep-1918
SEGAR Harold 9-Jul-1918
SEGAR Harold 30-Jul-1918
SELVIDGE Robert 22-Sep-1918
SEMPLE Asa Archibald 12-Jun-1917
SEMPLE J. E. 4-Jan-1918
SEMPLE James E. 12-Jun-1917
SEPPALA William 12-Jun-1917
SETHERBY John C. 12-Jun-1917
SEWELL Arthur M. 6-Aug-1918
SEWELL Orville 12-Jun-1917
SEXTON William Albert 22-Sep-1918
SHAMLEY Raymond S. 10-May-1918
SHAMLEY Raymond S. 25-May-1918
SHAMLEY Raymond Seymore 12-Jun-1917
SHANBE George A. 4-Jan-1918
SHANBE George Albert 12-Jun-1917
SHANDS Frank 19-Apr-1917
SHANER Walter D. 12-Jun-1917
SHANER Walter D. 7-Aug-1918
SHAW Dennis J. 12-Jun-1917
SHEELEY C. L. 27-Oct-1917
SHELLUM Hans 19-Sep-1918
SHEPPEL Eddie 17-Sep-1918
SHERMAN Joseph 16-Feb-1918
SHILLIDAY Arad Barrows 19-Sep-1918
SHOCKLEY Lloyd 29-Oct-1918
SHOCKLEY Lloyd 27-Nov-1918
SHODOMENEOFF Angel Evahoff 22-Sep-1918
SHOEMAKER Glen D. 10-Dec-1918
SHOLAND Eben 10-Jul-1917
SHOLUND Eben 14-Jun-1918
SHOLUND Eben 28-Jun-1918
SHOLUND Eben 20-Jul-1918
SHOLUND Eben 25-Jul-1918
SHOLUND Walter 21-Jun-1917
SHORT Mckinley 6-Jun-1918
SHORT Mckinley 10-Jul-1918
SHORT Mckinley 14-Jul-1918
SHORT Mckinley 30-Aug-1918
SHORT Narsembra L. 18-Sep-1918
SHRADER John 25-May-1918
SHUMAN Harry 12-Jun-1917
SIEBENBAUM John Jr. 17-Mar-1918
SIEBENBAUM John Jr. 14-Jun-1918
SIEBENBAUM John Jr. 20-Jun-1918
SIEBENBAUM John Jr. 6-Nov-1918
SIEBENBAUM John Jr. 10-Nov-1918
SIEBENBAUM Jonn 14-Jan-1919
SIEGFRIED George 12-Jun-1917
SIEGFRIED George 7-Aug-1918
SILVA Joe 11-May-1919
SIMCOE Phillip Sumner 18-Sep-1918
SIMCOE Willis Marion 18-Sep-1918
SIMMERMEN Ernest Lenard 12-Jun-1917
SIMMERON Ernest L. 20-Jul-1918
SIMMERON Ernest L. 25-Jul-1918
SIMMONS John M. 23-Jul-1918
SIMONDS John M. 19-May-1918
SIMONS Giles 1-Mar-1918
SIMONS Giles 11-Apr-1919
SIMONS Giles A. 20-Jan-1918
SIMONS Giles A. 6-Dec-1918
SIMONS Giles Alfonso 8-Jul-1917
SIMS Horace Edmonds 18-Sep-1918
SKELTON William 26-Jan-1918
SLAYTON H. R. 4-Jan-1918
SLAYTON Henry 21-Apr-1918
SLAYTON Henry 15-Jun-1918
SLAYTON Henry (Jr. ) 9-Apr-1919
SLAYTON Henry Jr. 5-Apr-1917
SLONE Patrick 18-Sep-1918
SLYTER Theodore Roy 12-Jun-1917
SLYTER Theodore Roy 12-Apr-1918
SMITH Arthur William 18-Sep-1918
SMITH Cassius W. 30-Aug-1918
SMITH Clarence B. 30-Jun-1918
SMITH Clayton 12-Jun-1917
SMITH Clayton 7-Aug-1918
SMITH Duncan Llewellyn Sr. 28-Apr-1918
SMITH Duncan Llewellyn Sr. 4-Aug-1918
SMITH Duncan Llewellyn Sr. 17-Sep-1918
SMITH Frank Underwood 17-Sep-1918
SMITH John Godlip 19-Sep-1918
SMITH Leroy Cassus 7-Jun-1918
SMITH Leroy Cassus 14-Jul-1918
SMITH Leroy Cassus 23-Jul-1918
SMITH R. M. 4-Aug-1918
SMITH Raymond 18-Sep-1918
SMITH Roy E. 18-Mar-1917
SMITH William R. 7-Aug-1918
SMITH William Russell 12-Jun-1917
SNODDY 30-Jun-1918
SNODDY 4-Aug-1918
SNODDY 18-Aug-1918
SNOW George 12-Jun-1917
SNYDER Edward James 18-Sep-1918
SODOMA Lee 12-Jun-1917
SODOMA Leo 4-Jan-1918
SOFIE Peter 17-Sep-1918
SOFIE Tony 18-Sep-1918
SOLIE Tinius 6-Jun-1918
SOLIE Tinius 10-Jul-1918
SOLIE Tinius 14-Jul-1918
SOLWOLD H. O. 4-Jan-1918
SOLWOLD Herbert Oliver 12-Jun-1917
SOMERS Ed 18-Jul-1917
SOMERS Edward 4-Jan-1918
SORENSEN E. P. 31-Dec-1918
SORGE Otto Herman 12-Jun-1917
SPALIN John 21-Jun-1917
SPEER Vern 18-Sep-1918
SPENCER Charles 25-Aug-1918
SPRAGGIN Allen Sidney 19-Sep-1918
SPRINGSTON Brown 19-Sep-1918
SPROLL 19-Jan-1919
SPROLL 23-Mar-1919
SPURROCK 25-Apr-1918
ST. PETER Oliver Albert 18-Sep-1918
STAACK Otto Ernest 17-Sep-1918
STAHL Raleigh (Rollie) Homer 12-Jun-1917
STANDER George 26-Jul-1918
STANLEY George 12-Jun-1917
STARIAK Michael P. 18-Sep-1918
STARK George Gibb 19-Sep-1918
STARK Vinyard 12-Jun-1917
STARRETT Morris 12-Jun-1917
STARRETT Morris 4-Jan-1918
STARRETT Morris 15-Jun-1918
STARRETT Morris 9-Jul-1918
STARRETT Morris 9-Mar-1919
STEDMAN 28-Dec-1918
STEELE Harry L. 2-Mar-1918
STEINBAUS John L. 19-Sep-1918
STEINMETZ Louis Chesney 12-Jun-1917
STENESTA Hans N. 12-Jun-1917
STEPHENS George Robert 22-Sep-1918
STEVENS Dillon Tarrant 12-Apr-1918
STEVENS Dillon Tarrant 6-Oct-1918
STEVENS Francis Roy W. 17-Sep-1918
STEVENS O. G. 4-Jan-1918
STEVENS Otho George 12-Jun-1917
STEVENS William 19-Sep-1918
STEVENS William 22-Sep-1918
STEWART C. W. 27-Sep-1918
STEWART George Frederick 19-Sep-1918
STILL Vernon V. 29-Jan-1918
STILLSON/STILLMAN George Hamilton 12-Jun-1917
STINE Tony 17-Sep-1918
STOCKAND Edward Malcolm 12-Jun-1917
STOCKAND Malcolm 21-May-1919
STOCKAND Malcolm Edward 4-Jan-1918
STOCKAND Malcolm Edward 30-Apr-1918
STOCKAND Malcolm Edward 15-Jun-1918
STOCKAND Malcolm Edward 9-Aug-1918
STOCKARD Lyman Eldrid 19-Sep-1918
STONE 28-Dec-1918
STONE Joe Conway 18-Sep-1918
STONE Oscar 10-Sep-1918
STONE Selim 18-Sep-1918
STORR Victor 22-Sep-1918
STREATER George 12-Jun-1917
STREATER George 12-Jun-1917
STREATER George 4-Jan-1918
STREATER John N. 12-Jun-1917
STREATER Otto Elmer 18-Sep-1918
STROMBERGER Hugo 18-Sep-1918
STROMBERGER Hugo 1-Oct-1918
STUDERUS Walter Lawrence 20-Sep-1918
STUHR Herman Henry 18-Sep-1918
STULTS James John 22-Sep-1918
STURROCK Earl David 17-Sep-1918
STURROCK W. A. 15-Jun-1918
STUTLER Daniel Frederick 18-Sep-1918
SULLIS Charles Constaintine 22-Sep-1918
SULLIVAN Patrick 18-Sep-1918
SUMMERLIN William A. 7-Aug-1918
SUMMERLIN William Archie 12-Jun-1917
SURBRIDGE John 1-May-1918
SURBRIDGE John 6-Oct-1918
SUTHERLAND William 14-Jun-1918
SUTHERLAND William Elroy 12-Jun-1917
SUTTERLAND William 28-Jun-1918
SUTTON Merle 19-Apr-1917
SUTTON Merle 5-Jan-1918
SUTTON Merle 9-Jan-1918
SUTTON Merle 15-Jun-1918
SUTTON Merle 2-Apr-1919
SVENDSON Martin Otto 18-Sep-1918
SVENSEN Martin 12-Jun-1917
SWALWELL H. G. 23-Dec-1917
SWANSON Alex 5-Jan-1918
SWANSON Alex D. 4-Jan-1918
SWANSON Arthur 19-Sep-1918
SWANSON Axel 4-Mar-1919
SWANSON Axel Durslius 12-Jun-1917
SWANSON Dave 19-Apr-1917
SWANSON Harry 12-Jun-1917
SWANSON Harry 14-Jun-1918
SWANSON Harry 28-Jun-1918
SWANSON Harry L. 4-Jan-1918
SWANSON Sigurd 19-Sep-1918
SWAPP Edmund Wilford 6-Jun-1918
SWAPP Edmund Wilford 10-Jul-1918
SWAPP Edmund Wilford 14-Jul-1918
SWAPP Edmund Wilford 23-Jul-1918
SWAPP Edmund Wilford 30-Aug-1918
SWARTZ David R. 8-Nov-1918
TABOR Clarence 22-Sep-1918
TAGG Lowell A. 2-Mar-1919
TALBOT 29-Mar-1919
TALBOT Phillip 12-Jun-1917
TALBOT Phillip 4-Jan-1918
TALMAN Elk 12-Jun-1917
TAMAYO Aurelio 20-Oct-1918
TAMAYO/TOMAYO Aurelio 12-Jun-1917
TANTLINGER Homer 4-Jan-1918
TANTLINGER Homer S. 12-Jun-1917
TARARY George 18-Sep-1918
TAREY Joseph P. 2-Mar-1918
TAYLOR Aubrey 4-Jan-1918
TAYLOR Howard Rice 12-Jun-1917
TAYLOR Hubert Franklin 12-Jun-1917
TERRY Guy 4-Jan-1918
THAINE Richard John 18-Sep-1918
THAINE William Ulph 18-Sep-1918
THANEM Joe Richard 18-Sep-1918
THEE W. C. 4-Aug-1918
THERAN Clarence August 19-Sep-1918
THICKETT G. T. 23-Dec-1917
THOMAS Clarence Gill 19-Sep-1918
THOMAS Earl B. 12-Jun-1917
THOMAS Earl B. 6-Jan-1918
THOMAS Earl B. 9-Apr-1919
THOMAS L. H. 4-Jan-1918
THOMAS Lewis Henry 12-Jun-1917
THOMAS Linwood 6-Jan-1918
THOMAS Linwood 10-Jul-1918
THOMAS Linwood 14-Jul-1918
THOMAS Walter Leroy Scott 18-Sep-1918
THOMAS William George 12-Jun-1917
THOMAS William George 24-Jul-1918
THOMAS William George 28-Jul-1918
THOMAS William George 30-Jul-1918
THOMASION William Henry 22-Sep-1918
THOMPSON 19-Jan-1919
THOMPSON Bennett George 18-Sep-1918
THOMPSON Charles A. 31-Jul-1918
THOMPSON Charles A. 28-Dec-1918
THOMPSON Charles A. (Dr. ) 18-Jan-1919
THOMPSON Don C. 8-Mar-1919
THOMPSON George 12-Jun-1917
THOMPSON George 10-May-1918
THOMPSON George 25-May-1918
THOMPSON Henry 22-Sep-1918
THOMPSON Oscar Elmer 17-Sep-1918
THOMPSON Paul Lawrence 22-Sep-1918
THOMPSON W. T. 22-Aug-1918
THREATT F. G. 23-Dec-1917
THURNBERG Arthur 28-Mar-1918
THURNBERG Arthur 28-Jun-1918
THURNBERG Arthur 11-Jul-1918
THURSTON Arthur 19-Sep-1918
TIBBALS Hal 8-Feb-1918
TIBBALS Hal 2-May-1918
TIBBALS Hal 15-Jun-1918
TIBBALS Hal 28-Dec-1918
TIBBALS Hal C. 22-Apr-1919
TIBBALS Harvey Lewis 19-Sep-1918
TIBBALS Henry Curtis 9-Aug-1917
TILLER John Edward 22-Sep-1918
TIMBERLAKE Edward J. 2-Mar-1918
TINGE Jan 12-Jun-1917
TODD John Lewis 22-Sep-1913
TODD W. S. 23-Dec-1917
TOLMAN Elk 22-Oct-1918
TOMICH John 19-Sep-1918
TONAS Athauassion T. 22-Sep-1918
TOPPING 28-Jul-1918
TOPPING Capt. 18-Jun-1919
TOPPING F. L. 19-Jan-1919
TORKA Frank 18-Sep-1918
TOWNSEND Clarence P. 9-Nov-1918
TOWNSEND James W. 17-Aug-1918
TRABANDT Malte 6-Jun-1918
TRAMPIK Maika 19-Sep-1918
TRAPEUR Herman 12-Jun-1917
TRAPEUR Robert 17-Apr-1917
TRAPEUR Robert 4-Jan-1918
TRAPEUR Robert 27-May-1919
TREMAN Charles 10-Jul-1917
TROTTO John 17-Sep-1918
TRUGG Gustav 10-Jul-1917
TRUMBULL Allen 18-Sep-1918
TSOEHOFF Mineo 19-Sep-1918
TUMNER William H. 8-Jul-1917
TURNER 26-Nov-1918
TWITCHELL Chester Earl 12-Jun-1917
TWITCHELL William Wesley 18-Sep-1918
TYNAN Charles “Happy” 25-Aug-1918
TYNER Erving 12-Jun-1917
TYNER Irving 8-Aug-1918
VALLARD William Henry Jr. 19-Sep-1918
VAN TOJEN Alfred James 18-Sep-1918
VAN TROJEN Roy 10-May-1918
VAN TROJEN Roy Edward 12-Jun-1918
VAN TROJEN William 12-Jun-1917
VAN TROJEN William 20-Jul-1918
VANCE Delbert 6-Jun-1918
VANDECAR Joseph Ralph 17-Sep-1918
VANDERBERG Oliver 30-Nov-1918
VARGAS Feliciano 12-Jun-1917
VENN – WATSON Arthur Lofhus 12-Jun-1917
VEPE Jesse Clay 12-Jun-1917
VINACKE Avis M. 9-Aug-1918
VINCENT Frank Edward 18-Sep-1918
VINCENT Oland Kenneth 18-Sep-1918
VIRGINIA Abram F. 12-Jun-1917
VIRGINIA Joseph 19-Sep-1918
VODERBERG Olive 12-Jun-1918
VOLD Eddie L. 4-Jan-1918
VOLD Eddie Leonard 12-Jun-1917
VONDORN Harold A. 10-Dec-1918
VOORHIES Robert Ernest 19-Sep-1918
VOSBURG George Walter 12-Jun-1917
VOSBURG George Walter 4-Jan-1918
WAGNER Berthold Renhold 22-Sep-1918
WALDEN Gust Alvin 12-Jun-1917
WALK William Otto 22-Sep-1918
WALKER Archie 7-Aug-1917
WALKER Claud Vivian 12-Jun-1917
WALKER Laurel D. 12-Jun-1917
WALKER Lloyd A. 12-Jun-1917
WALKER Lloyd A. 16-Mar-1918
WALKER Peter 22-Sep-1918
WALKER Wesley 8-Dec-1918
WALLER Merton W. 24-Aug-1918
WALSON Julius 18-Sep-1918
WALTERS Clarence Clifford 18-Sep-1918
WALTERS Frank William 12-Jun-1917
WALTERS Herbert Mero 12-Jun-1917
WALTERS William M. 8-Jul-1919
WANAMAKER Frank Herman 19-Sep-1918
WANAMAKER Richard Mutty 6-Jun-1918
WARD Earl 12-Jun-1917
WARD Earl 4-Jan-1918
WARD Earl 17-Jan-1919
WARD Earl 26-Apr-1919
WARD Frank 12-Jun-1917
WARD Harry 12-Apr-1918
WARD Harry E. 10-May-1918
WARD Henry E. 12-Jun-1917
WARNER/WARENER Ralph 19-Sep-1918
WARREN 25-Apr-1918
WARREN Albert 6-Apr-1918
WATERS Forrest 12-Jun-1917
WATNEY Tom A. O. 18-Sep-1918
WATROUS Joseph R. 10-Dec-1918
WEATHERBY Thomas Raymond 19-Sep-1918
WEBSTER Francis 5-Dec-1918
WEEKAUF Harry 18-Sep-1918
WELCH Edward M. 7-Mar-1918
WELCH George 19-Sep-1918
WELCH Warren 10-Jul-1917
WELCH Warren 14-Jun-1918
WEPPER Earl 17-Apr-1917
WEPPER Roy Sidney 12-Jun-1917
WEPPNER Earl W. 4-Jan-1918
WERNER Frederick 17-Sep-1918
WEST Erick 19-Sep-1918
WESTLAKE George 12-Jun-1917
WESTLAKE George 28-Mar-1919
WESTLAKE Herbert 15-Dec-1918
WESTON Peter 12-Jun-1917
WHALEY Harrry Ellmore 22-Sep-1918
WHEELER Joseph Jr. 2-Mar-1918
WHITCOMB Arthur J. 10-Dec-1918
WHITE Herbert Walters 18-Sep-1918
WHITEHEAD Gustavius 20-Sep-1918
WHITESIDE William 18-Sep-1918
WHITFORD Homer 17-Jan-1919
WHITNEY Herbert Henry 12-Jun-1917
WHITNEY Raymond Eard 2-May-1918
WHITNEY Raymond Earl 12-Jun-1917
WHITNEY Robert L. 4-Jan-1918
WHITNEY Robert Leroy 12-Jun-1917
WILKES Charles Henry 18-Sep-1918
WILKES William 14-Jan-1917
WILLIAM Harry 3-Feb-1917
WILLIAMS 28-Dec-1918
WILLIAMS 19-Jan-1919
WILLIAMS Edward C. 7-Aug-1918
WILLIAMS Fred 14-Jan-1918
WILLIAMS James M. 2-Mar-1918
WILLIAMS Ross 20-Oct-1918
WILLIAMS Wesley Andrew 18-Oct-1918
WILLIAMS William 18-Sep-1918
WILLIS Lon Eugene 17-Sep-1918
WILLIS Percy 2-Mar-1918
WILLIS Wesley Thurston 17-Sep-1918
WILLOUGHBY Frederick Ambrose 19-Sep-1918
WILMOT Sidney Darrow 12-Jun-1917
WILSON 8-May-1918
WILSON 9-Mar-1919
WILSON Don 21-Jul-1918
WILSON John Henry 18-Sep-1918
WIMER Bohumil 12-Jun-1917
WINEGARDNER Alonza Gordon 18-Sep-1918
WINTERS Earl R. 22-Dec-1917
WITT Dan W. 11-Apr-1918
WOBERT Jack 19-Sep-1918
WOLFE 4-Aug-1918
WOLFE Ralph Bert 18-Sep-1918
WOLFE Shuey 21-Apr-1918
WOOD C. H. 9-May-1918
WOOD Carl Curtis 12-Jun-1917
WOOD Cassuis H. 9-Aug-1919
WOOD Dan Dewey 19-Sep-1918
WOOD Elmer C. 4-Jan-1918
WOOD Elmer Clark 12-Jun-1917
WOOD Franklin Sidney 22-Sep-1918
WOODLEY George Francis 18-Sep-1918
WOODLEY William 12-Jun-1917
WOODS Robert F. 4-Aug-1918
WREN Lester A. 12-Jun-1917
WRIGHT George H. 20-Oct-1918
WRIGHT John 12-Jun-1917
WRIGHT John 4-Jan-1918
WRIGHT John S. 19-Sep-1918
WRIGHT Percy Mark 17-Sep-1918
WYCKOFF Gus 12-Jun-1917
WYCKOFF Munroe 20-Sep-1918
WYLIE Robert E. 2-Mar-1918
YAMADA Y. 17-Sep-1918
YARR David 19-Sep-1918
YARR Edward 18-Sep-1918
YARR John 19-Sep-1918
YARR Thomas Robert 18-Sep-1918
YOCKEY 19-Jan-1919
YOCKEY 23-Mar-1919
YORKE A. S. 4-Aug-1918
YOUNG Melcom 2-Mar-1918
YOUNG Murry M. 7-Aug-1918
YOUNG Rupert G. 22-Nov-1918
YOUNG William Ezna 17-Sep-1918

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