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This index contains information abstracted, by JCGS volunteers, listing military personnel mentioned in the local Jefferson County Newspapers during World War I, 1916-1919.  It establishes residence in Jefferson County for the many military personnel stationed in Jefferson County during this period.  The article might contain the draft notice, list the branch of service and rank, engagements or marriages, leaves, and the like

See Jefferson County Records for information on Military Indexes in Jefferson County.

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File update 16 August 2013.

Surname First Name Date
ABRAHMS Fred 18-Sep-1918
ADAMS Alvin 22-Nov-1918
ADAMS Clarence Edmond 18-Sep-1918
ADAMS Percy Clinton 18-Sep-1918
ADAMS Richard Sidney 17-Sep-1918
ADAMS W. G. 10-Aug-1919
ADDISON Murrell G. 10-Dec-1918
AGGERS John 21-May-1918
AGGERS John 21-May-1918
ALBRIGHT Leroy 8-Jul-1917
ALBRIGHT Marshall C. 10-Jul-1917
ALBRIGHT Nathan 5-Jun-1918
ALBRIGHT Ross Wayne 18-Sep-1918
ALDRICH Arthur Benjamin 18-Sep-1918
ALDRICH Clark Eugene 18-Sep-1918
ALDRICH Fred 5-Jan-1918
ALDRICH Fred 4-Jan-1919
ALDRICH Fred 19-Jan-1919
ALDRICH Frederick Clark 8-Jul-1917
ALEXANDER Fred William 12-Jun-1917
ALEXANDER William 5-Oct-1918
ALGER Linnova 17-Apr-1918
ALLEN Daniel Duane 10-Jul-1917
ALLEN David Fergerson 8-Jul-1917
ALLEN Harry D. 10-Dec-1918
ALLEN Lorin R. 30-Jun-1918
ALLEN Samuel E. 9-Nov-1918
ALLEN William 8-Jul-1917
ALLEN William 12-Apr-1918
ALMEN Anders Gotfried 17-Sep-1918
ALTMEYER John Henry 19-Sep-1918
ALVERSON R. D. 4-Aug-1918
AMACHER Fred 20-Mar-1919
AMACHER Fred William 8-Jul-1917
AMACHER John 5-Apr-1919
AMACHER John Adolph 8-Jul-1917
AMMETER Albert Alfred 8-Jul-1917
AMMETER Raymond 17-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Adam Frank 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Allen Bladiner 17-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Clarence 2-Sep-1919
ANDERSON David 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Dewey 14-Jul-1918
ANDERSON Edward 18-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Elvin R. 22-Nov-1918
ANDERSON Fred 28-Feb-1919
ANDERSON Fred William 10-Jul-1917
ANDERSON George 12-Jun-1917
ANDERSON George Jr. 10-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Henry Albert 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Henry Peter 20-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Herbert Berthrand 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Hobson Dewey 6-Jun-1918
ANDERSON James 17-Dec-1918
ANDERSON James Allen 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON John 17-Dec-1918
ANDERSON John Edward 19-Sep-1918
ANDERSON John Herbert 19-Sep-1917
ANDERSON John W. 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON L. A. 16-Oct-1918
ANDERSON Louis 10-May-1918
ANDERSON Louis Theodore 10-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Martin 10-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Nels Edward 18-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Ole Andreas 17-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Olie Elsworth 18-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Otto S. 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Par Martin 19-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Peter Christ 22-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Robert 19-Sep-1918
ANDERSON Robert William 8-Jul-1917
ANDERSON Russell 8-Jan-1918
ANDREWS Frd 2-Apr-1919
ANDREWS Fred 15-Jun-1918
ANDREWS Fred 8-Jul-1919
ANDREWS George 18-Sep-1918
ANDREWS Glen Wert 19-Sep-1918
ANDREWS O. E. 16-Oct-1918
ANDREWS William Learned 18-Sep-1918
ANGEL William 8-Jul-1917
ANSELL Samuel T. 9-Apr-1919
ARAKIA Y 18-Sep-1918
AREY Francis Walter 17-Sep-1918
AREY Walter F. 16-Oct-1918
AREY Walter William 17-Sep-1918
AREY Warren William 28-Sep-1918
ARIES William 8-Jul-1917
ARNETT Wade 9-Jun-1918
ARWOOD Charles A. 17-Sep-1918
ASKAIN Adam 22-Sep-1918
AUBERT Virgil 15-Jun-1918
AURDAL Severen 10-Jul-1917
AUSTIN Frank L. 14-Sep-1917
BACHMAN S. H. 4-Aug-1918
BADER Emil 19-Sep-1918
BADGE Herman Ernest 19-Sep-1918
BAILEY Joseph Edward 12-Jun-1917
BAILEY William Pemmant 12-Jun-1917
BAILLARGEON Joseph A. 10-Dec-1918
BAKER 22-Jun-1918
BAKER Thomas Henry 18-Sep-1918
BAKKEN Nels 12-Jun-1917
BALL William Lee 17-Sep-1918
BAMBLY Chester R. R. 8-Jul-1917
BANCROFT George Bancroft 17-Sep-1918
BARCLAY Ivan Payne 17-Sep-1918
BARCLAY Reube Leroy 12-Jun-1917
BARMAN Halvor 19-Sep-1918
BARNETT George Washington 17-Sep-1918
BARNETT Joseph Monroe 22-Sep-1918
BARNETT Leroy M. 8-Dec-1918
BARROWS William Eugene 18-Sep-1918
BARTHROP Charles A. 19-May-1918
BARTLETT Edward Amos 29-Apr-1919
BARTLETT Edwin A. 4-Jan-1918
BARTLETT Edwin Amos 13-Aug-1917
BARTLETT Merrill 5-Aug-1917
BARTLETT Merrill 5-Jan-1918
BARTLETT Merrill 8-Jun-1919
BARTLETT Ted 17-Apr-1917
BARTLETT Ted 15-Jun-1917
BASH Henry 12-Dec-1918
BASTIAN Walter 18-Sep-1918
BATES Adam F. 12-Jun-1917
BATES Adam F. 20-Jul-1918
BATES Claude L. 20-Jul-1918
BATES Claude T. 12-Jun-1917
BATES Edward Charles 17-Sep-1918
BATES George Henry 17-Sep-1918
BATTIS Sidney 26-Jul-1917
BAYLEY Henry V. Jr. 4-Jan-1918
BAYLEY William P. 19-Apr-1918
BEARD Riscoe 12-Jun-1917
BEARD S. R. 24-Nov-1918
BECK Charles Julies 18-Sep-1918
BECK Frank Hans 17-Sep-1918
BECK Herbert 12-Jun-1917
BECK Victor 8-Jul-1917
BECK W. E. 4-Aug-1918
BEEBE Jayson Stanley 19-Sep-1918
BELL Jack A. 22-Sep-1918
BENDIXON Birger Olaf 18-Sep-1918
BENDIXON Karl George 8-Jul-1917
BENDIXON Karl George 23-Oct-1918
BENEDETTO Antonio 18-Sep-1918
BENGE/BINGE George F. 7-Jun-1918
BENN William Emmet 20-Jul-1918
BENSON Oscar 20-Jun-1918
BENTHIEN Edward A. 14-Jul-1918
BERGEN Olaf Deukert 18-Sep-1918
BERGER Alfred 12-Jun-1917
BERGER Alfred 12-Apr-1918
BERGERSON John Edward 12-Jun-1917
BERGLUND Alben 12-Jun-1917
BERGSTROM John D. 12-Jun-1917
BERNER Julius Edward 18-Sep-1918
BERNSTROM Alfred Henry 17-Sep-1918
BEST Eugene Clearwater 12-Jun-1917
BEVERAGE Dayton Daniel 19-Sep-1918
BICKLE Private 5-Sep-1918
BILZ Harry 29-Jun-1918
BINGHAM E. L. 31-Dec-1918
BISHOP Charles F. 12-Jun-1917
BISHOP Charles R. 4-Jan-1918
BISHOP Edward A. 12-Jun-1917
BISHOP John 12-Jun-1917
BISHOP William Frank 17-Sep-1918
BIXLER Ralph 6-Jan-1918
BLAKE H. L. 23-Dec-1917
BLAKE T. Llewelly 19-Mar-1918
BLANCHARD Geary John 19-Sep-1918
BLANCHARD George Prescott 18-Sep-1918
BLETHEN Clarence B. 19-May-1918
BLOMBERG Harvey 4-Jan-1918
BLOOMQUIST William 19-Sep-1918
BLYTHE Sam 23-Mar-1919
BOCK Victor 12-Jun-1917
BODIN Axel 12-Jun-1917
BODIVIK John J. 16-Oct-1918
BOERNER William 27-Oct-1918
BOHDE Carl Fred 19-Sep-1918
BOHM George 12-Jun-1917
BOLAND/BOLAN John Martin 6-Jun-1918
BOLSER Walter Henry 19-Sep-1918
BORIGO Arthur W. 23-Apr-1918
BOSCOW Arthur Roland 17-Mar-1918
BOSS Alexander 17-Sep-1918
BOSTON Henry Frank 22-Sep-1918
BOTH George Carl 19-Mar-1918
BOWDEN 30-Jun-1918
BOWERS Nathan 12-Jun-1917
BOWLER Louis J. 1-May-1918
BOWMAN Percy Paine 17-Sep-1918
BOWMAN Perly Ingersoll 17-Sep-1917
BOYER Frank 17-Sep-1918
BOZA Oswaldo 18-Sep-1918
BRACKEN Thomas 9-Jan-1919
BRADEBERRY Peter 20-Sep-1918
BRADY Martin Charles 18-Sep-1918
BREWER Clarence 13-Nov-1917
BRIDGE A. 21-Aug-1918
BRIGGS Frank Earl 12-Jun-1917
BRIGGS Frank Earl 4-Jan-1918
BRIGGS Fred 2-Oct-1918
BRIGGS Joseph 19-Sep-1918
BRIGHTON Jasper F. 12-Jun-1917
BROADBENT H. M. 21-Mar-1917
BROCK Fred 23-Dec-1917
BRODERSON Charles Frederick 17-Sep-1918
BRODERSON Ernest A. 12-Jun-1917
BRODERSON Ernest A. 4-Jan-1918
BRODERSON George Ferdenand 18-Sep-1918
BRODERSON William Alfred 18-Sep-1918
BRODIN Frank Helge 12-Jun-1917
BRODIN Mauritz Victor 12-Jun-1917
BROGNA Gaetano 17-Sep-1918
BROOKS 23-Mar-1919
BROWN Elige Winifred 30-Oct-1918
BROWN Finley Cecil 18-Sep-1918
BROWN Floyd Wentworth 12-Jun-1917
BROWN Grover C. 13-May-1919
BROWN Irving Ola 19-Sep-1918
BROWN Ivan 18-Sep-1918
BROWN Joseph K. 18-Jun-1918
BROWN Lawrence C. 2-Mar-1918
BROWN Loren Raymond 18-Sep-1918
BROWN Manuel 18-Sep-1918
BROWN Ralph 19-May-1918
BROWN Robert Ethelbert 17-Sep-1918
BROWN William Henry 19-Sep-1918
BROWN William John 17-Sep-1918
BUCKLEY James L. 31-Jan-1918
BUGGE William Adair 18-Sep-1918
BULLOCK Frederick E. 14-Jun-1918
BULMER Robert Howard 12-Jun-1917
BUNCE J. 11-Apr-1918
BUNCH John Thomas 19-Sep-1918
BURGESS Louis R. 2-Mar-1918
BURKE Alva W. 8-Sep-1918
BURSTAD/BRUSTOD Davit Otto 12-Jun-1917
BUSKALA Alfred John 19-Sep-1918
BUTLER Lawrence 8-Jul-1917
BUTLER Lawrence 4-Jan-1918
BUTLER Lawrence 11-May-1919
BUTTS Charles E. 4-Aug-1918
BYRNE John 4-Mar-1919
CABLE Joseph 28-Jul-1919
CABLE Marion 12-Jun-1917
CADERO Frank 12-Jun-1917
CADERO Frank 14-Jun-1918
CADERO Joseph 6-Jun-1918
CALDWELL J. Q. 25-Sep-1917
CALLAHAN Capt. 18-Jun-1919
CALLAHAN William 22-Sep-1918
CALLAN Robert E. 2-Mar-1918
CAMPBELL Ellery George 19-Sep-1918
CAMPBELL John Edward 17-Sep-1918
CAMPBELL Preston 28-Dec-1918
CAMPBELL Robert 10-Jan-1919
CANTWELL J. C. 21-Mar-1917
CAPRIOTTI Germeno 28-Sep-1918
CARDER Lindsay William 12-Jun-1917
CARDWELL Guy A. 10-Apr-1918
CARLSON Carl 12-Jun-1917
CARLSON Fred 10-Jul-1917
CARRICO 28-Dec-1918
CARROLL John Michael 19-Sep-1918
CARROLL W. R. 23-Dec-1917
CARTER 4-Aug-1918
CARTER Bartlett 28-Nov-1917
CARTER Bartlett 5-Jan-1918
CARTER Bartlett 2-Apr-1919
CARTER Paul I. 17-Mar-1918
CARTER Paul I. 5-Aug-1919
CASPERSON John Christian 22-Sep-1918
CAUL Frederic Francis 18-Sep-1918
CAULEY Ernest Daniel 12-Jun-1917
CAULEY Ernest Daniel 9-Jul-1918
CEDERBERG N. R. 23-Dec-1917
CESNEROS Tesus 10-Nov-1918
CHADWICK George W. 12-Jun-1917
CHADWICK George W. 10-Nov-1918
CHAMBERLAIN L. H. 4-Aug-1918
CHAMBERLAIN William 19-Sep-1918
CHAMBERS A. K. 29-Sep-1918
CHAMBERS Arthur K. 21-Feb-1919
CHAPPELSON Henry Thomas 12-Jun-1917
CHASE Frederick A. 27-Sep-1917
CHEVALIER V. 22-Apr-1919
CHEW Ng. Yuen 12-Jun-1917
CHRISTENSEN Harry 28-Jun-1918
CHRISTENSEN Herbert 12-Jun-1917
CHRISTENSEN Herbert 14-Jun-1918
CHRISTIAN John B. 2-Mar-1918
CHRISTIANSEN Christian 4-Jul-1918
CHRISTIANSEN Christian 17-Sep-1918
CHRISTIANSEN Jacob 17-Sep-1918
CHRISTINIA 28-Jul-1918
CHRISTOPHER John F. 18-Feb-1919
CHRISTOS Santantos Nick 22-Sep-1918
CHUCK Joe 12-Jun-1917
CHUCK Joe 11-Jul-1918
CLAPP R. T. 4-Aug-1918
CLARK Albert Martin 17-Sep-1918
CLARK Alvah Garfield 18-Sep-1918
CLARK George 17-Jan-1919
CLARK George 11-May-1919
CLARK George Henry 12-Jun-1917
CLARK George W. 4-Jan-1918
CLARK Leroy Omega 17-Sep-1918
CLARK Paul E. 12-Jun-1917
CLARKSON William Earl 2-Jun-1918
CLAUSEN Guy 9-Jul-1918
CLAWSON Guy Lloyd 12-Jun-1917
CLEMENTS Arthur S. 4-Jan-1918
CLEMENTS Clarence Henry 12-Jun-1917
CLEMENTS George 12-Jun-1917
CLIFFORD Joseph Clyde 22-Sep-1918
CLINE Andrew Benjamin 22-Sep-1918
CLOUSE Jack 18-Nov-1917
CLOUSE Jack 8-Jan-1918
CLOUSE Jack 18-Jun-1919
CLOUSE Jack 11-Jul-1919
CLOUSE John W. 24-May-1918
COBIENTZ Lambert B. 10-Dec-1918
CODERIO Manuel 17-Sep-1918
COLBURN Frank Eli 19-Sep-1918
COLE 21-Jul-1918
COLLINS Russell 21-Jul-1918
COLMANDAS Deteterios 22-Sep-1918
COMPTON Clarence 17-Sep-1918
COMPTON Fred J. 4-Jan-1918
COMPTON Fred James 12-Jun-1917
COOK Matthew 18-Sep-1918
COOK Nelson M. 8-Jul-1919
COOLEY William Earl 21-Jun-1917
COON Ng. Tuck 12-Jun-1917
COOPER Cornelius William 17-Apr-1918
COOPER Dee J. 6-Jan-1918
COOPER Dee Jones 12-Jun-1917
COOPER Fay Clayton 12-Jun-1917
COOPER G. H. 20-Oct-1918
COOPER Stanley Robert 19-Sep-1918
COP Edward Joseph 18-Sep-1918
CORMACK James Franklin 19-Sep-1918
CORN Frastus C. 18-Sep-1918
CORPUT Rex 15-Jun-1918
COSGROVE John 9-Feb-1918
COTTLE Sam J. 12-Jun-1917
COTTON Harry Ayers 17-Sep-1918
COURSER Don Earle 12-Jun-1917
COUSENS Joseph Reginal 17-Sep-1918
COUSENS Percy Reginal 17-Sep-1918
COX Louis 12-Jun-1917
COX Louis 7-Aug-1918
COX Wilbur 23-Apr-1918
COYLE James Henry 22-Sep-1918
COYLE Steven Peter 18-Sep-1918
CRISLEY Henry Van Cleve 18-Sep-1918
CRISPIN L. R. 23-Dec-1917
CROCKET H. B. 12-Jul-1918
CROSBY George Wallace 17-Sep-1918
CROTH Carl Frereick 12-Jun-1917
CROUT/GROUT Dail George 12-Jun-1917
CROUTEN Charles Reynold 18-Sep-1918
CROW Judson Howard 20-Sep-1918
CROW L. B. (Dr) 28-Dec-1918
CROW Lloyd R. 10-Dec-1918
CROWELL George Morton 18-Sep-1918
CRUTCHER Frank 12-Jun-1917
CUMMINS Albert S. 30-Jun-1918
CUNNINGHAM William H. 4-Jan-1918
CUNNINGHAM William H. 16-Feb-1919
CUNNINGHAM William Harry 12-Jun-1917
CURRIER Carl 12-Jun-1917
CURRIER Ralph 6-Jun-1918
CURRY Milo D. 12-Jun-1917
CURTIS 26-Nov-1918
DAGGETT Carter N. 6-Jun-1918
DAGGETT Francis 6-Jan-1918
DAGGETT Oliver 7-Jun-1917
DALANTY Hugh 19-Mar-1918
DALE Leroy 18-Sep-1918
DALY B. H. 7-Jun-1917
DALY William J. 15-Jun-1918
DALY William Jr. (Jr. ) 5-Apr-1919
DAM Oscar W. 16-Oct-1918
DAMBURAD Fred Henry 20-Sep-1918
DANELL Tennyson C. 12-Jun-1917
DANIELL Charles 19-Sep-1918
DANKE John 19-Sep-1918
DANZER Eustace 16-Oct-1918
DANZER Francis Euistace 17-Sep-1918
DANZER Frank Andrew 17-Sep-1918
DAUPHANNIS Zear J. 12-Jun-1917
DAVIDSON G. D. 1-May-1918
DAVIDSON Grover Clay 19-Sep-1918
DAVIDSON J. H. 4-Aug-1918
DAVIDSON Joseph 15-Jun-1918
DAVIDSON Joseph 2-Apr-1919
DAVIDSON Joseph H. 12-Jun-1917
DAVIS Clarence Thomas 12-Jun-1917
DAVIS Joseph Herman 18-Sep-1918
DAVIS Levi Steward 18-Sep-1918
DAY John B. 28-Jul-1918
DEAN Peter 22-Sep-1918
DELANTY Hugh M. 31-Mar-1917
DELEO Albert 15-Jun-1918
DELEO Antonio 12-Jun-1917
DELEO Ernest 15-Jun-1918
DELEO Francesco 18-Sep-1918
DELEO Francis 12-Jun-1917
DELEO James 12-Jun-1917
DELEO James 4-Jan-1918
DELEO Michael 12-Jun-1917
DELEO Michael 4-Jan-1918
DELEO Mickey 17-Jan-1919
DELEO Mike 6-Jun-1918
DELEO Tony 5-Jan-1918
DERONNEBECK Gaston Rene 18-Sep-1918
DETWILLER 23-Mar-1919
DEVOR Richard A. L.
DEWELL Victor Garrett 17-Sep-1918
DOBBIN Harry J. 28-Jun-1918
DOBBIN Harry Joseph 12-Jun-1917
DOBBS John E. 28-Sep-1918
DOBLER Fredereick 15-Jun-1918
DODDS Otto E. 10-Jul-1917
DODDS Otto E. 4-Jan-1918
DOII A. 17-Sep-1918
DONALD John Clark 17-Sep-1918
DONNELLAN Arthur V. 10-Dec-1918
DONOVAN Harry Francis 17-Sep-1918
DONOVAN Robert 12-Jun-1917
DONOVAN Robert 9-Jul-1918
DORAN Walter Joseph 17-Sep-1918
DOSDY James Stevenson 19-Sep-1918
DOWDY J. J. 16-Oct-1918
DOWLER Claude M. 12-Jun-1917
DOWLER Claude M. 4-Jan-1918
DRADER L. R. 23-Dec-1917
DRAKE Eden K. 10-Dec-1918
DRAKE Lieut. 30-Jun-1918
DRAKE Oscar 12-Apr-1919
DRESHER Henry E. 10-Jul-1917
DRUGGER Oscar Paris 5-Jun-1917
DUGGER Oscar P. 4-Jan-1918
DUNCAN Luther Street 12-Jun-1917
DUNN 13-Jun-1918
DURRENT Dr. 30-Jun-1918
DWYER Thomas F. 2-Mar-1918
DYER John Vernon 17-Sep-1918
EADES Melvin E. 10-May-1918
EADS Melvin 12-Jun-1917
EAGLESON James M. 4-Aug-1918
EARLE Bylis H.  (Dr.) 30-Jun-1918
EASTERBROOK Arthur 5-Jan-1918
EASTERBROOK Arthur 1-Feb-1919
EASTERBROOK Arthur Edmund 12-Jun-1917
EASTERBROOK E. P. 4-Aug-1918
EASTERBROOK Miss. Gladys 20-Oct-1918
EASTERBROOK Winford 5-Jan-1918
EASTERBROOK Winfred 8-Jul-1919
EATON Clark Andrew 12-Jun-1917
EATON Harry F. 4-Jan-1918
EATON Harry Fenwick 12-Jun-1917
EBERTS Robert Daniel 19-Sep-1918
EDGILL Edward Ross 18-Sep-1918
EDGILL Ira 18-Sep-1918
EDGREN Ernest 18-Sep-1918
EDSTROM John 10-Jul-1917
EDWARD Charles Sr. 19-Sep-1918
EDWARDS Bert 9-May-1918
EDWARDS Caroline Maude 6-Jan-1916
EDWARDS David Bertram 31-Jul-1919
EDWARDS Evelyn 5-Jan-1918
EDWARDS Evelyn 1-Jun-1919
EDWARDS Evelyn (Miss. ) 11-Feb-1919
EDWARDS Guy D. 5-Jan-1918
EDWARDS Guy D. 6-Aug-1919
EDWARDS Guy Dewitt 12-Jun-1917
EDWARDS J. W.  (Dr.) 21-Jul-1917
EDWARDS John W. 2-Feb-1918
EDWARDS Louis 31-Jul-1919
EDWARDS Paul 1-May-1918
EDWARDS William M. 31-Jul-1919
EGGERSS William 14-Jun-1918
EHESIS Carl Fredrick 19-Sep-1918
EISENBEIS Otto 24-Feb-1918
ELDRIDGE Alfred 18-Sep-1918
ELDRIDGE Charles Jr. 17-Sep-1918
ELDRIDGE Frank Sidney 19-Sep-1918
ELDRIDGE James Leo 18-Sep-1918
ELDRIDGE Lyall 12-Jun-1917
ELDRIDGE Ruben Sanford 19-Sep-1918
ELDRIDGE William Sr. 18-Sep-1918
ELFINDAHL Preston Henry 18-Sep-1918
ELLIS Myrle 13-May-1919
ELLIS William 18-Sep-1918
ELLISON Seth W. 28-Dec-1918
ELLISON Seth W. 9-Mar-1919
EMERY Frank E. 4-Aug-1918
EMERY Frank F. 6-Oct-1918
EMLEY Leon Abbott 17-Sep-1918
ENBERG/ENBORG Gustaf Conrad 12-Jun-1917
ENFIELD George W. 17-Sep-1918
ENGLISH M. K. 13-Dec-1918
ENGVOLD Paul 9-Aug-1918
ENOS Manuel 12-Jun-1917
ENTWISTLE John William 19-Sep-1918
ERICKSON David Beiger 22-Sep-1918
ERICKSON Kuite Morns 18-Sep-1918
ERICKSSON Harry 7-Aug-1918
ERIKSSON Harry 12-Jun-1917
ERNST Charles 18-Sep-1918
FAEDER John Leonard 19-Sep-1918
FAIRFIELD Max 12-Jun-1917
FAIRFIELD Max 3-May-1918
FANGSRUD Amun S. 10-Nov-1917
FARMER J. W. 8-Jan-1918
FARMER Norman 31-Jul-1917
FARMER Paul Carpenter 12-Jun-1917
FARQUAHRSON Forbes 24-Sep-1918
FELLOS Sam Andrew 22-Sep-1918
FELTON George Clayton 18-Sep-1918
FENTON A. W. 4-Jan-1918
FENTON Aldrich Wilson 10-Jul-1917
FENTON George B. 18-Nov-1917
FENTON Lewis 12-Jun-1917
FERGUSON Forbes 14-Sep-1918
FERGUSON Richmond Foskett 12-Jun-1917
FINCEN Peter 12-Jun-1917
FINCEN Peter 6-Aug-1918
FINDLEY 9-Mar-1919
FINDLEY Thomas 12-Jun-1917
FINN Chester G. D. 12-Jun-1917
FINN Norman P. 20-Jul-1918
FINN Norman T. 8-Jul-1917
FINN Walter Leslie 19-Sep-1918
FISCHER George Henry 20-Sep-1918
FISCHER Karl August 20-Sep-1918
FISCHWASSER Johanna Emil 19-Sep-1918
FISHER Frederick August 20-Sep-1918
FLAGG Herbert B. 1-May-1918
FLANLEY W. F. 2-Sep-1917
FLEMING Ira 16-Apr-1918
FLETCHER Ernest Leigh 12-Jun-1917
FLETCHER Frederick Allen 20-Sep-1918
FLETCHER George H. 4-Jan-1918
FLETCHER George Henry 10-Jul-1917
FLINT Chester John 18-Sep-1918
FLINT Harold Gustavus 17-Sep-1918
FLINT Max 12-Sep-1918
FLINT Max 2-Apr-1919
FLINT Winthrop 18-Sep-1918
FLUMER Gordon 12-Feb-1919
FOCHIK Joseph 17-Aug-1918
FOOK Eng 18-Sep-1918
FORCE R. N. 30-Nov-1918
FOREMAN M. 4-Aug-1918
FORKENHAM John 22-Sep-1918
FORSE William 2-Mar-1918
FOSTER Raymond 12-Jun-1917
FOSTER Raymond 7-Aug-1918
FOX Edward 12-Jun-1917
FOX John Crawford 18-Sep-1918
FRANK 21-Jul-1918
FRANKLAND James 4-Aug-1918
FRASER Alex M. 22-Jul-1919
FRASER Alexander Mcintosh 12-Jun-1917
FRASER Bill 12-Feb-1919
FRASER Donald A. 4-Apr-1919
FRASER Donald Macauley 12-Jun-1917
FRASER James 12-Jun-1917
FRASER Robert 12-Jun-1917
FRASER Robert 29-Sep-1918
FRASER William 14-Jun-1918
FRASER William Brown 12-Jun-1917
FRATZ Fred Ferdinant 19-Sep-1918
FRAZER Alex M. 4-Jan-1918
FREEMAN Roy Isaac 19-Sep-1918
FREITAS Frank 12-Jun-1917
FREITAS John 12-Jun-1917
FRIETAS Frank 24-Jul-1918
FROCHLING Frank 12-Jun-1917
FROCHLING Frank 9-Jul-1918
FROST Albert 22-Dec-1917
FUHRMAN C. H. 23-Dec-1917
FULLER Ernest 12-Apr-1918
FULLER Ernest T. 12-Jun-1917
FULLERON Lieut. 4-Aug-1918
FULLERTON Charles E. 10-Dec-1918
FULMER Allan 23-Apr-1917
FULMER Gorden 21-Nov-1918
FULMER Gordon 23-Apr-1917
FULMER Verdun 7-Mar-1919
FULTON Joseph 17-Sep-1918
FUNAI K. 19-Sep-1918
FURLONG James 18-Dec-1917
GAMBLE John 18-Sep-1918
GAMBLE Thomas Murray 19-Sep-1918
GARDINER Edward Platt 12-Jun-1917
GARDINER Guy Gabriel 19-Sep-1918
GARDINER William 18-Sep-1918
GARDNER Archie 20-Jul-1918
GARDNER Arthur 12-Jun-1917
GARDNER Edward F. 12-Jan-1918
GARDNER Floyd W. 9-Aug-1918
GARDNER Guy 3-May-1917
GARRETT R. 20-Feb-1917
GARRETT William Earnest 17-Sep-1918
GAUTHIER Harry L. 4-Jan-1918
GAUTHIER Harry Lawrence 12-Jun-1917
GAY John James 12-Jun-1917
GAY John S. 14-Jun-1918
GELLE William C. 22-Sep-1918
GELLER George R. 10-Dec-1918
GENIER Joseph 17-Sep-1918
GEORGE Steve 19-Sep-1918
GET Eng. Ham 12-Jun-1917
GICHARD Walter M. 9-Jul-1918
GICHARD Walter Merrill 12-Jun-1917
GILBERT Major 18-Jun-1919
GILES 14-Nov-1918
GILES Chrisopher Elisha 19-Sep-1918
GILETA Theodore 8-Nov-1918
GILL B. 13-Dec-1918
GILLEN J. 23-Dec-1917
GILMORE John C. Jr. 3-Mar-1918
GIRTANNER/GERTANNER Walter Julius 12-Jun-1917
GLASGOW Edward L. 2-Mar-1918
GLEASON Horace E. 13-May-1919
GLEN William Elmer 18-Sep-1918
GLOVER J. 23-Feb-1918
GLUCKSMAN Samuel 6-Jun-1919
GODFRED Bill 13-Mar-1918
GODFRED Fred 15-Jun-1918
GODFREY William 15-Jun-1918
GOODRICH Horace 5-Oct-1917
GOODRICH Horace 9-May-1919
GOODRICH Horace W. 4-Jan-1918
GOODRICH J. D. 8-Mar-1917
GOODWIN Neal C. 8-Sep-1918
GOODWIN William 18-Sep-1918
GORDON Jack Richard 17-Sep-1918
GOUESIS Theodore Anastasion 18-Sep-1918
GOUGH Arthur William 5-Nov-1918
GOVAN Hugh 10-Jul-1917
GOVE Clifford Leslie 19-Sep-1918
GRADY Peter D. 12-Jun-1917
GRADY Tom Jones 19-Sep-1918
GRAIGNIE Peter 19-Sep-1918
GRANELL Hans 19-Sep-1918
GRASSER Nicholas Peter 18-Sep-1918
GRAVES John William 19-Sep-1918
GRAVES Ralph Raymond 10-Jul-1917
GRAY Frank C. 12-Jun-1917
GRAY H. B. 4-Aug-1918
GREEN Capt. 18-Jun-1919
GREEN Stanley 28-Jul-1918
GREENBERGER Simon 18-Sep-1918
GREENE Lafayette B. 3-Mar-1918
GREENVOLD Trygve 12-Jun-1917
GREINER August Dennis 17-Sep-1918
GRIBBLE Thomas Bernard 17-Sep-1918
GRIFFIN Russel L. 10-Dec-1918
GRIFFITH Edward George 17-Sep-1918
GRIFFITHS 21-Jul-1918
GRIFFITHS C. C. 4-Aug-1918
GRIKSYAS? Peter Frank 19-Sep-1918
GRINDLE Ira Lester 20-Sep-1918
GROTH Carl Frederick 5-Jun-1917
GROTH Carl S. 14-Jun-1918
GROTH William Edward 18-Sep-1918
GROTNES Andrew 12-Jun-1917
GROTNESS Andrew 7-May-1918
GROVE Joseph Elmer 19-Sep-1918
GUIBERSON Henry 3-Oct-1918
GUIBERSON Sylvester Edwin 12-Jun-1917
GUNDERSON Olof 17-Sep-1918
GWIN George A. 12-Jun-1918
GWIN John Charles 17-Sep-1918
GWIN/GUIN George A. 12-Jun-1917
HAAS Harold M. 10-Dec-1918
HAAS Lieut. 6-Oct-1918
HABERLY George August 18-Sep-1918
HADDRON 9-Mar-1919
HAGADEEN Melvin Palmer Martin 19-Sep-1918
HAGOOD Johnson 3-Mar-1918
HAITT Frank 31-Mar-1918
HAITT Oron M. 18-Sep-1918
HALL Thomas Isaiah 18-Sep-1918
HALLAND Ben Monson 12-Jun-1917
HALLIER William 17-Sep-1918
HALLIMAN Edward P. 12-Jun-1917
HALVERSON Lieut. 28-Dec-1918
HALVORSEN George 12-Jun-1917
HAMBLY Charles R. B. 12-Jun-1917
HAMILTON Alston 2-Mar-1918
HAMILTON Fred 1-May-1918
HAMILTON Joseph Marel 12-Jun-1917
HAMILTON W. M. K. 27-Dec-1918
HAMMOND 16-Oct-1918
HANNA Nelson 18-Sep-1918
HANSEN Christian Frederick 17-Sep-1918
HANSEN Gotfred Ingmann 12-Jun-1917
HANSEN Gotfried I. 7-May-1918
HANSEN James Martin 17-Sep-1918
HANSEN John Phillip 18-Sep-1918
HANSEN John Walter 19-Sep-1918
HANSEN Lauritz 17-Sep-1918
HANSEN Louis Herman 17-Sep-1918
HANSEN Oscar Frederic 12-Jun-1917
HANSEN Sevrin 12-Jun-1917
HANSEN/HENSON Laurits 10-Jul-1917
HANSON John Arthur 18-Oct-1918
HANSON Olof 22-Sep-1918
HANSON Peter 10-Jul-1917
HANSON Ralph 10-Dec-1918
HARBOARD 24-Dec-1918
HARDING Brooks B. 10-Dec-1918
HARPER Chester Percy 19-Sep-1918
HARPER Joseph 15-Jun-1918
HARPHAM E. E. 24-Apr-1918
HARRIER Harry William 19-Sep-1918
HARSTAD Ole 17-Sep-1918
HART Frank S. 12-Jun-1917
HART Kenneth D. 12-Jun-1917
HART Kenneth D. 7-Aug-1918
HARTHURI Torbjurn Edward 18-Sep-1918
HARTMAN Paul Gustave 18-Sep-1918
HARVEY Stiles S. 31-Mar-1918
HARVEY Stiles Stoughton 12-Jun-1917
HATCHER John L. 12-Jun-1917
HATCHER John L. 7-Aug-1918
HATHAWAY Jay Merton 18-Sep-1918
HAVILAND Jay 18-Sep-1918
HAYASKI Koichi 18-Sep-1918
HAYDEN James H. 24-Feb-1918
HAYDEN James L. 17-Jun-1919
HAYDEN John L. 24-Dec-1918
HAYDEN Tweed 24-Jan-1918
HAYDEN Tweed 8-Jun-1919
HAYWARD H. D. 23-Dec-1917
HE Eng. 18-Sep-1918
HEATH Rene 17-Sep-1918
HEG Hans Christian 12-Jun-1917
HEIFORT Alonzo 4-Dec-1918
HEIFORT Earle 4-Dec-1918
HEILFORN M. 4-Aug-1918
HEINZERLING John Budd 18-Sep-1918
HELM Benjamin Elza 18-Sep-1918
HELMER James Boyd 8-Jul-1917
HELMS Virgil 18-Sep-1918
HEMRICK William Sealborn 22-Sep-1918
HENDERSON Eric 12-Jun-1917
HENDRICKS G. G. 4-Aug-1918
HENDRICKS George 18-Sep-1918
HENDRICKS Roy 12-Jun-1917
HENDRICKSON Frank 12-Jun-1917
HENDRICKSON Thomas 12-Jun-1917
HENDRIX Harrison H. 16-Jul-1918
HENDRY George Alexander 17-Sep-1918
HENNESSEY Roy S. 19-Sep-1918
HENRY Addison B. 10-Dec-1918
HENRY Olive 2-Oct-1918
HENRY Oliver Livingstone 12-Jun-1917
HENRY Thomas Francis 17-Sep-1918
HEPLER George Killian 19-Sep-1918
HERRON 21-Jul-1918
HERRON W. R. 4-Aug-1918
HERSHEY Elam Lively 18-Sep-1918
HERSTROM Arthur 4-Jan-1918
HERSTROM Arthur 25-Apr-1919
HERSTROM Arthur Carl 12-Jun-1917
HERSTROM Chris 25-Sep-1918
HERSTROM Christian 19-Sep-1918
HERSTROM Walter 17-Sep-1918
HERTZLER A. M. 15-Jun-1918
HEWETT Benjamin 11-Jul-1917
HIETT Flourney Heiskell 19-Sep-1918
HIGGENS John 18-Mar-1917
HIGGINS 28-Dec-1918
HIGGINS 19-Jan-1919
HIGGINS 23-Mar-1919
HIGH Mel 11-May-1919
HIGH Millard 15-Jun-1918
HILL Howard Norman 5-Jan-1918
HILL Norman 15-Jun-1919
HILL Norman H. 5-Jan-1918
HILL R. Hill 13-Oct-1918
HILL R. Horace 20-Oct-1918
HILL Robert 4-Jan-1918
HILL William Humphrey 17-Sep-1918
HILTON Don 18-May-1917
HILTON Don 10-Jul-1919
HINCHMAN Earl 18-Sep-1918
HINES Timothy Bill 22-Sep-1918
HING Eg Line 18-Sep-1918
HINTON Charles H. 2-Mar-1918
HINTON Donald 15-Jun-1918
HINTON Paul 5-Jan-1918
HINTON Wesley 5-Jan-1918
HJELVIK Elvind Knutson 19-Sep-1918
HOCUM Lee 18-Sep-1918
HODSON George 10-Jul-1917
HOFFMAN Edward 8-Jul-1917
HOFFMAN Edward 12-Apr-1918
HOFFMAN Fred 12-Jun-1917
HOLLAND John Joseph 12-Jun-1917
HOLLISTER Irving Berkeley 27-Jan-1918
HOLLMAN James Pattison 17-Sep-1918
HOLM Erik 22-Sep-1918
HOLM John 12-Jun-1917
HOLMAN Tom Wooster 17-Sep-1918
HOLMBERG John August 22-Sep-1918
HOLTINE Arthur C. 12-Jun-1917
HOOKER Archie Delbert 18-Sep-1918
HOPKINS Scott B. 10-Dec-1918
HORNE Chester Julius 19-Sep-1918
HORTON 29-Mar-1919
HOSNER Claire 9-Jan-1918
HOSNER Clare 2-Apr-1919
HOUNDSAY 25-Sep-1918
HOWERTON S. C. 4-May-1919
HUCKS William 6-Jun-1918
HUDSON Tex 22-Feb-1919
HUDSON Texas M. 6-Mar-1918
HUDSON Texas Montgomery 12-Jun-1917
HUGHES John L. 4-Aug-1918
HUGHES Samuel A. 11-Aug-1918
HUGHES Samuel Aubrey 12-Jun-1917
HUHUKE John Harvey 17-Sep-1918
HULEN Charles W. 1-Oct-1918
HULL Arthur Clarence 19-Sep-1918
HULTINE F. L. 16-Oct-1918
HULTINE Frank Louis 19-Sep-1918
HUNTER Guy Alfred 12-Jun-1917
HUNTER Seth Leroy 18-Sep-1918
HUNTER William Samuel 18-Sep-1918
HUNTINGFORD Harry George 19-Sep-1918
HUNTINGFORD John William 18-Sep-1918
HURLIMAN Albert 20-Sep-1918
HUTCHINSEN Charles Power 18-Sep-1918
HUTCHINSON Earl 5-Jan-1918
HUTCHINSON Earl 2-Apr-1919
HUTCHINSON Earl C. 21-Feb-1918
HUTCHINSON William John 18-Sep-1918
HUTSHELL George William 20-Sep-1918
HYDE Arthur P. S. 24-Aug-1918
IKUMA Shozo 17-Sep-1918
IKUMA Sozo 12-Jun-1917
INGRAHAM Leland Edwin 17-Sep-1918
IOFFEDO Antello 6-Jun-1918
ISAACSON Isaac 10-Jul-1917
ISAACSON Isaac 13-Jul-1918
ISHIDA N. 17-Sep-1918
ISIRI Jiso 17-Sep-1918
JACKMAN Andrew Henry 22-Sep-1918
JACKSON George 12-Jun-1917
JACKSON George 21-May-1918
JACKSON Theodore Jason 12-Jun-1917
JAKOBEN Knud 20-Jul-1918
JAKOBSEN Knud 12-Jun-1917
JAMES Frank 17-Sep-1918
JAMES Robert 19-Sep-1918
JAMESON Charles Remeo 18-Sep-1918
JAMESON James 17-Sep-1918
JANSEN Fritz 12-Feb-1919
JARESH Frank 19-Sep-1918
JARVIS Norman 31-May-1917
JARVIS Norman 9-Mar-1919
JARVIS Norman D. 4-Jan-1918
JENKINS Sidney 15-Jun-1918
JENKINS William 18-Sep-1918
JENSEN Carl Fredrik 19-Sep-1918
JENSEN Fritz K. J. 12-Jun-1917
JENSEN Harold 17-Nov-1917
JENSEN Svend Ivar Roy 12-Jun-1917
JENSON Fritz 4-Jan-1918
JENSON Harold 22-Nov-1918
JESSUP John 15-Jun-1918
JESSUP Wilford 17-Apr-1918
JOHNSON 28-Jul-1918
JOHNSON Axel 19-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Carl Julian 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Cyrus 21-Jul-1918
JOHNSON E. O. 23-Dec-1917
JOHNSON Earl G. 10-Dec-1918
JOHNSON Edward Andrew 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Edward W. 9-Jul-1918
JOHNSON Edward William 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Edward/Emanuel 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Elden 10-Jul-1917
JOHNSON Elden 4-Jan-1918
JOHNSON Elmer B. 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Elmer B. 7-Aug-1918
JOHNSON Elmer Carl 6-Jun-1918
JOHNSON Elmer Emanuel 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Emanual 9-Jul-1918
JOHNSON George A. 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON George A. 5-Jan-1918
JOHNSON H. J. 26-May-1918
JOHNSON Harry 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Hjalener Marcus 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Howard 16-Jan-1917
JOHNSON Inglehart 2-Nov-1918
JOHNSON Jacob C. 2-Mar-1918
JOHNSON Jay 17-Sep-1918
JOHNSON John 10-Jul-1917
JOHNSON John August 22-Sep-1918
JOHNSON John Emil 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON John P. 4-Jan-1918
JOHNSON Joseph 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Mckinley R. 8-Jul-1917
JOHNSON Mckinley R. 4-Jan-1918
JOHNSON Otto W. 10-Jul-1917
JOHNSON Ralph 4-Jan-1918
JOHNSON Ralph B. 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON Reinhold Peter William 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Reuben 18-Sep-1918
JOHNSON Victor Emanuel 17-Sep-1918
JOHNSON William 21-Nov-1918
JOHNSON William C. 12-Jun-1917
JOHNSON William C. 9-Jul-1918
JOHNSON William Emeal 19-Sep-1918
JOHNSON William H. 24-Dec-1918
JOHNSTONE Howard 15-Jun-1918
JONES Chilean V. 21-Mar-1918
JONES Daniel Wiley 17-Sep-1918
JONES Daniel Wiley 17-Sep-1918
JONES Fred Davis 19-Sep-1918
JONES Thomas 18-Sep-1918
JORDAN M. J. 23-Dec-1917
JORDAN Richard Lawrence 18-Sep-1918
JORDAN William 4-Jan-1918
JORDAN William 4-Jan-1918
JORDEN Richard Lawrence 18-Sep-1918
JORDON William 10-Jul-1917
JOYCE William R. 10-Dec-1918
JOYCE William R. 10-Dec-1918
KAMIMURA T. 22-Sep-1918
KAMIMURA T. 22-Sep-1918
KAMPENDONK Julius 17-Sep-1918
KAMPENDONK Thomas 17-Sep-1918
KAMPENDONK William 17-Sep-1918
KAMPOENDONK Julius 17-Sep-1918
KARL Frank 6-Jul-1918
KARL Frank 6-Jul-1918
KASCH Ernest 19-Sep-1918
KASCH Ernest 19-Sep-1918
KEADING Charles 20-Sep-1918
KEADING Charles 20-Sep-1918
KEATOR Frederick W.  (Rev.) 5-Apr-1917
KEDISH Jacob 12-Jun-1917
KEHELE Edward B. 4-Jan-1918
KEHELE Edward B. 4-Jan-1918
KEHELE Edwin B. 12-Jun-1917
KELLEY Levi 12-Jun-1917
KELLEY Lloyd Merle 12-Jun-1917
KELLY Alfred S. 9-Feb-1918
KELLY Charles John 17-Sep-1918
KELLY Charles John 17-Sep-1918
KELLY Edwin 7-Feb-1918
KELLY Edwin 7-Feb-1918
KELLY Thomas A. 18-Sep-1918
KELLY Thomas A. 18-Sep-1918
KEM Bertram O. 12-Jun-1917
KENNEY Harry James 18-Sep-1918
KENNEY Harry James 18-Sep-1918
KEOGAN Hiram Charles 12-Jun-1917
KERBY William 4-Jan-1918
KERBY William 4-Jan-1918
KERFOOT B. H. 19-Feb-1919
KERN Joseph Walker 18-Sep-1918
KERN Joseph Walter 18-Sep-1918
KERTIS Grover 21-Apr-1918
KERTIS Grover 21-Apr-1918
KERWIN Matthew James 12-Jun-1917
KESSEY R. J. 6-Mar-1918
KESSEY R. J. 6-Mar-1918
KESSEY Raymond J. 7-May-1919
KESSLER Perry M. 2-Mar-1918
KESSLER Perry M. 2-Mar-1918
KESSY Raymond J. 30-Mar-1919
KETCHUM John Leroy 17-Sep-1918
KETCHUM John Leroy 17-Sep-1918
KIING Roy 28-Apr-1918
KILBOURN Clare W. 12-Jun-1917
KILBURN Claire W. 14-Jun-1918
KILBURN Claire W. 14-Jun-1918
KILLEA William 19-Sep-1918
KILLEA William 19-Sep-1918
KILMER Bertie Allan 12-Jun-1917
KIMBALL Watson Henry 18-Sep-1918
KIMBALL Watson Henry 18-Sep-1918
KIMBLE Earl Everett 12-Jun-1917
KINE George 4-Jan-1918
KING George 5-Oct-1917
KING George 9-Oct-1919
KING George W. 4-Jan-1918
KING John Eldridge 19-Sep-1918
KING John Eldridge 19-Sep-1918
KING Roy 18-Apr-1918
KING Ura David 17-Sep-1918
KING Ura David 17-Sep-1918
KIRBY William J. 25-Aug-1918
KIRBY William J. 25-Aug-1918
KIRKHUS Karl Johnson 17-Sep-1918
KIRKHUS Karl Johnspn 17-Sep-1918
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 5-Jun-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 12-Jun-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 10-Jul-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 22-Jul-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 8-Sep-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 20-Sep-1917
KITTRIDGE Henry I. 26-Sep-1917
KKOSHI Arthur 22-Sep-1918
KKOSKI Arthur 22-Sep-1918
KLAES Otto Hugo 19-Sep-1918
KLAES Otto Hugo 19-Sep-1918
KLASELL Alvin E. 22-Feb-1919
KLASELL Arthur 19-Mar-1919
KLASELL George 5-Jan-1918
KLASELL George 5-Jan-1918
KLASELL John Dewey 18-Sep-1918
KLASELL John Dewey 18-Sep-1918
KLASELL Nils Arthur 12-Jun-1917
KLASELL Oscar 12-Jun-1917
KLASELL Oscar 11-Aug-1918
KLASSELL Oscar 11-Aug-1918
KNIGHT Claude Harold 18-Sep-1918
KNIGHT Claude Harold 18-Sep-1918
KNISKERN A. D. 9-Oct-1918
KNISKERN A. D. 9-Oct-1918
KNISKERN Dr. 30-Jun-1918
KNISKERN Dr. 30-Jun-1918
KNISKERN E. L. (Dr. ) 4-Mar-1919
KNOWLTON Joseph L. 2-Mar-1918
KNOWLTON Joseph L. 2-Mar-1918
KNUTSON Gilmore L. 10-Jul-1917
KOCH Ernest H. 10-Jul-1917
KOHLER William Mcgill 19-Sep-1918
KOHLER William Mcgill 19-Sep-1918
KORBE Andrew 18-Aug-1918
KORBE Andrew 18-Aug-1918
KORTER William Adam 17-Sep-1918
KORTER William Adam 17-Sep-1918
KORTOR Eugene John 17-Sep-1918
KORTOR Eugene John 17-Sep-1918
KOWCOSH Seth 10-Jul-1917
KRULISH Elish 18-Sep-1918
KRULISH Elish 18-Sep-1918
KRUSE Bertel 12-Jun-1917
KUHL Hans 5-Jun-1917
KUNZ Charles 12-Jun-1917
KUNZ Charles 9-Jul-1918
KUNZ Charles 9-Jul-1918
KUNZ Frank 19-Sep-1918
KUNZ Frank 19-Sep-1918
KUNZ John Joseph 18-Sep-1918
KUNZ John Joseph 18-Sep-1918
KUNZ Louis 23-Sep-1918
KUNZ Louis 23-Sep-1918
KUNZ Louis 9-Jul-1919
KUNZ William Joseph 12-Jun-1917
KUPOPLER Herman Bernchartl 19-Oct-1918
KUROBER Martin 12-Jun-1917
KUROEBER Herman 18-Sep-1918
KUROEBER William August 18-Sep-1918
KUSEBY K. 18-Sep-1918
LAFFERTY John J. 6-Jun-1918
LAFRANCE Neil 22-Sep-1918
LAGASA James A. 10-Dec-1918
LAGER Alvar H. 12-Jun-1917
LAGER Alvar H. 4-Jan-1918
LAKE Ed 23-Jul-1918
LAKE George Merrick 12-Jun-1917
LAKE Henry Edward 12-Jun-1917
LAKE Henry Edward 9-Jul-1918
LAKE Sanford Thomas 18-Sep-1918
LAMONT Dr. 30-Jun-1918
LAMOTTE Henry (Dr.) 22-Dec-1918
LANGWORTHY Harvey James 10-Jul-1917
LANGWORTHY Howard Harold 19-Sep-1918
LAPP Stanley 13-Mar-1918
LARAMA Peter Alexander 19-Sep-1918
LARSEN Oscar 4-Jan-1918
LARSEN Walter Emar 12-Jun-1917
LARSON Oscar 12-Jun-1917
LARSON Walter 26-Nov-1918
LATSO 26-Nov-1918
LATVA Matt 22-Sep-1918
LAVERA Joseph 18-Sep-1918
LAVERA Manuel 4-Jan-1918
LAVERA Manuel 17-Jan-1919
LAWRENCE James S. 12-Jun-1917
LAWTON H. R. 4-Aug-1918
LAYMAN Floyd 23-Dec-1917
LAYTON 28-Dec-1918
LAZARUS Apostole 19-Sep-1918
LAZARUS George 19-Sep-1918
LAZO Louis 6-Jun-1918
LAZO Mike/Mile 13-Mar-1918
LEARNED Allan E. 12-Jun-1917
LEARNED Allen E. 28-Apr-1918
LEARNED Samuel Mudford 17-Sep-1918
LEE 28-Dec-1918
LEE Allen F. 9-Jun-1918
LEE Charles Sterling 12-Jun-1917
LEE Ed 21-Jul-1918
LEE Edward 19-Jan-1919
LEE Laurits 12-Jun-1917
LEE May 18-Sep-1918
LEE Robert Edward 19-Sep-1918
LEGG George Emmett 6-Jun-1918
LEISER Abraham 15-Jun-1918
LEM Mar 18-Sep-1918
LENZEN Elmer M. 10-Dec-1918
LERCHE Petrus Immanuel 12-Jun-1917
LEVERA Jessie Louis 18-Sep-1918
LEVERS/LAVERA Manuel 12-Jun-1917
LEWIS Fred 5-Jan-1918
LEWIS Merle 5-Jan-1918
LEWIS Trevor 17-Jul-1917
LEWIS Trevor 23-May-1918
LEWIS Walford Stanley 12-Jun-1917
LIBBY Arthur Leroy 18-Sep-1918
LIEN Andrew Ellingsen 18-Sep-1918
LIEN Charles E. 20-Jul-1918
LIEN Christian Elingsen 12-Jun-1917
LILLIE John Thomas 18-Sep-1918
LIND Fred Adolf 18-Sep-1918
LINDBORG Arthur E. 1-May-1918
LINDGREN William 12-Jun-1917
LINDQUIST Alvin 19-Sep-1918
LINDSAY W. F. 23-Dec-1917
LINDSEY Clyde Silas 18-Sep-1918
LINDSEY Herbert N. 19-Sep-1918
LINDWALL John Albert 12-Jun-1917
LINES Lewis Loid 18-Sep-1918
LIPSETT Hamilton C. 12-Jun-1917
LIPSETT/LIPPSETT Hilton 12-Jun-1917
LIST Matthew 18-Sep-1918
LITTLE John Rufus 18-Sep-1918
LIVINGSTONE Oliver 12-Jun-1917
LOCKHART Otis 15-Jun-1918
LOCKHART Silas 15-Jun-1918
LOCKHART Silas 5-Aug-1919
LOCKHART Silas Leon 8-Jul-1917
LOGER Alvan H. 8-Jul-1917
LOGER Joel Valentine 19-Sep-1918
LOHMAN Jessie J. 17-Sep-1918
LOMSDALEN George 12-Jun-1917
LOMSDALEN George 4-Jan-1918
LOMSDALEN Melvin 12-Jun-1917
LONDON Edwin 2-Mar-1918
LONGSTREET James Cleveland 12-Jun-1917
LONGSTREET James Cleveland 4-Jan-1918
LONGSTREET James Cleveland 27-Apr-1919
LONGWORTHY Harold S. 10-May-1918
LOOMIS H. D. 31-Oct-1917
LOOMIS John Howard 12-Jun-1917
LORDAHL Lars John 18-Sep-1918
LOUTBIT George 18-Sep-1918
LOVELESS/LOVELASS Seymour 12-Jun-1917
LOWE Thad 2-Feb-1918
LOWERRE Robert Henry 18-Sep-1918
LUCIA Napoleon Joseph 22-Sep-1918
LUMDSTROM John Michael 18-Sep-1918
LUND A. G. M. 12-Apr-1918
LUND Adolph G. M. 12-Jun-1917
LUND Olie A. W. 19-Sep-1918
LUND Per Anton 19-Sep-1918
LUNDSTROM Ernest 12-Jun-1917
LUNDSTROM Oscar 17-Sep-1918
LUSSIER Robert 15-Jun-1918
LYNN Howard 17-Sep-1918

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