This index contains information abstracted, by JCGS Volunteers, about Ship Captains, Master Mariners and Pilots from 1850-1912.  The records list a bibliography for the name indexed from the the following records:

  • Jefferson County Washington: records, newspapers and directories
  • National Archives and Records Administration microfilm #1632 License Applications in Masters, Pilots, Engineers etc. Puget Sound
  • Lewis & Dryden’s Marine History of the Pacific Northwest, Edgar Wilson Wright
  • Ships of the Inland Sea, Gordon Newell
  • American Merchant Ships, Frederick C. Mathews
  • Shipwrecks off Juan de Fuca, James Givvs
  • The H. W. McCurdy Marine history of the Pacific Northwest and its subsequent volume, The H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest, 1966-1976, Horace W. McCurdy
  • History of the Pacific Northwest-Oregon and Washington, Elwood Evans, compiler
  • American Ships 1850-1900, Frederick C. Mathews

The information is not necessarily complete, as records may exist where the title ‘Captain’ etc. was not used.

To search for an individual surname on the page, click Control F (for PC) or Command F (for Mac) and insert the name into the search box and click enter.

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File updated 20 Jan 2011

Surname First Name
Beecher H. (Herbert) L.
Bergman Adolph
Bergman Alexander
Biondi Eugene
Black William
Boquiet Andrew
Bourke Michael W.
Brotherton Alfred
Brotherton P. F.
Brown Wm.
Bryer John
Bulong John S.
Burns F.J.
Burns John E.
Butler John L.
Butler Thomas
Caines Joseph
Calhoun George
Calhoun Rufus
Call Alfred
Carroll James
Carter Fred E.
Carter Harry
Chapman J. W.
Clements Ed
Clements Samuel
Clinger Frank W.
Cognalem P. D.
Conner I.?/J?-F. J.
Connick John
Connor Reuben
Craiger A.
Dalgardno James Jr.
Dalgardno James Sr.
Davis C. E. (same as Charles S.?)
Davis Charles S.
Delanty William
DeLion R.W. (Rudolph)
Dunwoody F. M.
Dunworthy F. M.
Dyer Frederick A.
Edwards Evan P.
Ellis George W.
England A.
Fisher Robert
Flint C. (Carl) A./E.
Flint Julius
Fowler Enoch
Fyfe Angus
Gilbert William H.
Gilman James
Gilmore Frederick
Gilmore James A.
Glove/Glover Russell
Gove William
Grant Thomas
Gray L. E.
Greenleaf E. M.
Griffith James
H/Naund J.
Hall Clarence
Hall Robert
Hanson Harry
Harver David
Hastings L. B. Jr.
Hastings O. (Oregon) A.
Hayden H.
Henderson Andrew J.
Herstrom Martin
Hinds John
Hodjman D. J.
Home A. W. (same as A. W. Horn?)
Hooper C.L.
Horn/Horne A. (Alphonzo) W.
Houghtaling Athen
Howard Charles
Hugh Quin
Hutchinson J.W.
Jackman Thomas
Jacobsen Jacob
Jenkins Tom
Jones Charles
Kalstrom Charles E.
Keen J. W.
Kellon Abner L.
Kingslund Jessie
Lake D.
Lapping John
Lavender Robert O.
Lemaes J. E.
Leonard A. F.
Lewis A.
Libby John B.
Lloyd H. H.
Lott Harry
Madison Charles
Mann Winfield S.
Marling Gen
Martin Andrew G.
Mason John Jr.
Matson C.
McAlleps J. W.
McAlmond E. H.
McAlmond Henry
McCoskie/McCroskie Ed
McCoy J. A.
McDonald John
McGary Wm.
McIntosh J.
McIntyre James B. Jr.
McIntyre James Sr.
Milburn Thomas
Moore F. S.
Morgan Henry
Morgan J.
Morgan James
Morgan S. C. E.? H. E.?
Morris John
Morrison C. H. (Charles)
Morrison H. H., Hudson H.
Morrissey D. W.
Morrissey Wm. S.
Munn W. (could this also be W. Mann?)
Munroe W.Fred
N/Haund N.
Neilson Thomas
Neilson Thor
Nelson C.
Nelson Thomas
Nelson Thos.
Nicholas Alexander M.
Nilsen Christian
Norwood M. S. (L?)
O’Brien J. A.
O’Brien John
Oliver J. L.
Oliver N. T.  or Nelson Thomas
Olsen John
Olson Tennes
Peterson C. H.
Plum John A.
Race H. M.
Ramwell Henry
Randall Samuel B.
Rasmussen R. Peter
Rensch Frank E.
Sawyer Charles
Selden J. M.
Shibles Peter
Sloan James
Smith Charles
Smith Charles D.
Smith Frank
Smith Henry
Smith Hugh C.
Smith Thomas
Sprague C.W., Charles Woodward
Sprout Capt.
Stevens William H.
Struve Harry K.
Swanton J.
Taylor H. (Harry) A.
Thomas Wm.
Thompson P.
Thornton Henry M.
Tibbals H. (Henry) L. Sr.
Tollaksen/Tollicksen M. E.
Tona Jas.
Tucker Franklin
Underwood Edgar
Waitt Wm
Wallace D.
Walters M. R. (Marshall)
Warner Chas.
Webber Henry
Webster William
Williams Christopher
Williams H. G. (H?)
Williamson Wm.
Willoughby Charles H.
Woodbury A. A.

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