Fletcher Cemetery (aka Lower Hoh Cemetery), Jefferson County, Washington

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Fletcher Cemetery Map

 Fletcher Cemetery Records (Print Version in PDF)

ESTABLISHED: before 1901

LOCATION: Turn off Highway 101 onto Oil City Road, drive 9.2 miles to the Barlow House. (Sign on House) Dickson House is across the road. Cemetery is on the river side enclosed by a chain link fence.

HISTORY: Located on property owned by John Huelsdonk’s great granddaughter. Her name is Kathy Dickson. Her mother’s home (Elizabeth Fletcher Barlow-daughter of Lena Huelsdonk Fletcher) is across the street. The home Kathy lives in was built in 1928 by Henry Huelsdonk and Fred Fletcher.

OWNER: Kathy Dickson and Elizabeth Fletcher Barlow

SEXTON RECORDS: maintained by Kathy Dickson

CONTACT PERSON: Mrs. Kathy Dickson, 9772 Oil City Road, Forks, WA 98331, 360-374-2553 

MAP: A map of the cemetery showing grave locations is available in the JCGS Library.

COMPILERS: This project could not be completed without the help of many people: In 1985 unknown. In 2008 Pam and Jeff Wilson. Database, Bev Brice.

 SOURCE OF INFORMATION: JCGS members compiled an index for the cemetery in 1985. This information came from a combination of walking the cemetery and funeral home records. In 1985 no distinction was made between information found in the records as opposed to seen on the walk through. It is unclear whether this cemetery was walked in 1985. In 2008 JCGS completed an update to these records:

  • The cemetery was walked, making note of those with markers and any information contained on the markers was entered in the record.
  • Kathy Dickson walked the cemetery and identified the graves that had no markers. This information has been included in the record.
  • The current list combines all the work done in 1985 and 2009.
  • Photographs of the gravestones are available in the JCGS Library.

 As is true with all compiled records, errors may have occurred. It is suggested that you verify the information.

 For additional information:

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File updated: 2 Feb 2011

name birth date death date marker grave 1985 index 2005 walk other info.
Anderson, Isaac O. 1870 1956 y 1 y y Flat marker next to Maude C. Anderson inscribed:
Anderson, Maud C. 1880 1950 y 2 y y Flat Marker next to Isaac O. Anderson inscribed:
Barlow, Charles Henry 1913 2002 y 6 y Flat marker above Isaac Anderson inscribed:
Blomberg, Kenneth A. 1 Jun 1901 y 12 y y Flat marker in SW corner of cemetery under flowering Quince bush
Charlton, George y 13 y y No marker, grave located in front of flowering quince bush. Kathy Dickson said that he died about 1961 and he was 78 or 79 at his death.
Dickson, David d. 6 June 1919 19 Dec 1995 1995 y 7 y Flat marker to the right of Charles Barlow inscribed:
B M C M U. S. Coast Guard
W W I I Korea
Dickson, Rosie 1914 1991 8 y No marker grave is located between Lulu Fuhrman and David Dickson- Family plans to have one made dates obtained from Kathy Dickson her daughter-in-law
Fletcher, Henry 1849 1921 y 5 y y Flat marker to the right of Mary Fletcher
Fletcher, Leonard 1 May 1909 y 3 y y Stone column marker with spire inscribed:
Leonard- Son of Henry and Mary Fletcher-
aged 14 yrs 1 mo 14 days
Fletcher, Mary M. Rockwell 1858 1924 y 4 y y Flat marker between Leonard Fletcher and Henry Fletcher
Fuhrman, Lulu 1895 1938 y 9 y y Flat marker between Rosie Dickson and Myrtle Horner
Horner, Charles 23 Mar 1881 5 Dec 1960 y 11 y y Flat marker to the right of Myrtle Horner inscribed:
Capt. Inf. Res.
Horner, Myrtle m. 1882 1979 y 10 y y Flat marker between Lulu Fuhrman and Charles Horner
Pearson, Pete 1918 y 14 y y Rock for marker located to the right of George Charlton. Kathy Dickson said that he drowned in the Hoh River in 1918. Her mother, Elizabeth Fletcher Barlow verified the name.

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