This index contains information, abstracted by JCGS volunteers,  from the 3rd U.S. Judicial District Court Minute Book 1857-1910 in the archives of the Jefferson County Historical Society.  The record contains the name of plaintiff, defendant, date of divorce and may contain brief comments.

See Jefferson County Records for information on Divorce Records in Jefferson County.

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File updated 27 Jan 2011

Surname First Name Defendent First Divorce Year
Adams Michael L. Nellie 1889
Anstry Ann Francis S 1865
Bast Geo. E. Stella 1910
Boucher Cecelia George W. 1878
Bowry Mary A John S 1865
Brazell Charles Sophia 1890
Burden Susan William 1867
Butler John L. Elizabeth 1869
Butler Teresa E. S. 1889
Carroll James R Evelyn R. 1925
Chamberlain Henrietta E. Washington E 1886
Church Howard E. Mary A. 1888
Clark Margaret G. James 1866
Cook Sarah M. Cyrus E 1882
Copeland Annie George 1879
Cormick Isaac Elizabeth 1881
Coultis Nancy J. John R. 1873
Courcey Elizabeth H. Thomas 1880
Coventon Harry Dora H. 1889
Creed Lenora Robert  L 1887
Crowell Amy R. Morton 1886
Davis Samuel C. Florence Ione 1884
Davis Susan Frank 1886
de Wolf Josie Ethan A 1887
Dick Emma E. William (Clallam) 1889
Drummond James S. Mary A. 1865
Dunton C. W. Matilda
Durand Nellie George W 1873
Eaton Prudence A. William 1889
Engle Mary Ann Frederick 1866
Fleming Letitia John 1898
Flint Margaret Julius 1884
Frost Morris H. Mary A. 1860
Furlong James Emily 1878
Gilbert Carrie Chester C 1902
Goodman Lois C. P. 1886
Goodwin Sarah Silas 1883
Griffith Jesse N. Sarah E. 1882
Gross Mary William H 1881
Haller Annie Max F 1909
Hamilton Wm. J. Mary A. 1889
Hancock Ernest J. Mary E. 1885
Hancock Sarah A. Daniel B 1864
Hannah Harry T ( Harvey) May J. 1889
Hans Dora Francis H 1899
Hansen Mary J. Leonard P 1873
Head Elizabeth Mary William 1872
Henderson Joseph Minnie 1874
Hensell George B. Lottie C. 1873
Hicks Jennie M. C. W. R. 1900
Hill Mary K. Andrew J 1872
Hitchin Edwin Nora 1885
Hittle Mary S. William 1887
Hoffman Fanny Henry 1883
Holmes Stephen H. Mary E. 1888
Hostetttler Unknown Amos 1902
Hovey Josephine Charles 1877
Hubbs Flora Paul K Jr 1866
Hunt Jonathon J. Mary F. 1878
Hunt Louisa Jonathon A 1884
Jones Ellen B. Charles E 1887
Katz Israel Adela 1907
Keef Mary John 1879
Kemp Anna Bloomquist Gabriel 1910
Knight Sarah Granville P 1876
Korter Louisa Henry 1862
La Painte Minnie L M 1889
Laughton Annie William H 1886
Lawton Addie M. John 1890
Leadbetter F. H. James 1884
Lerey Lizzie Peter 1886
Lewis Mary A. Joseph 1883
Madison Benjamin L. Lucy 1859
Malmquist John E. Lizzie 1890
Martin Mary ( Minnie) John 1864
Mayers Hanna Henry 1867
Mc Almond Elmira Elijah H 1864
Mc Cope ( Mc core?) Mary Jane William 1887
Mc Donald Ada K. Kenneth 1886
Mc Donnell Leora A. Richar O 1885
Mc Donnell Sarah Richard 1898
Mc Farland Abigail Medberry H 1890
Mc Grath John Bridget 1875
Meiss Elsie May Henry 1888
Miller Emma Isaiah 1884
Mills Frances  C. William 1881
Moline Jose Lenor 1890
Moore George H. Anna E. 1865
Morrison Maggie B. L. R. 1896
Nash Adele Whipple 1887
Overend John Sarah E. 1888
Overnals Nancy S. Thomas P 1865
Pearson Fannie Thomas 1889
Perry W. Joseph Mary A. B. 1872
Pilcher Hettie A. B. C. 1903
Pilcher Sarah A. Samuel 1864
Pink Charles H. Louisa E. 1879
Pitchford Clara James L 1889
Pixley Sarah E. George H 1881
Pritchard Abigail Henry W 1882
Rader James M. Leona 1889
Reynolds Sarah E. Charles A 1874
Roesch Agnes  C. Jacob P 1885
Ross Ruel Maria 1872
Rutan Peter Mary E. 1873
Ryan Robert E. Clara 1900
Schaffer Martha K. John 1897
Schlager Freda Ferdinand 1889
Scott Clara A. E. John Thema 1864
Scott John Annie 1880
Seavey James Julia Ann 1866
Shaw James A. J. Kate 1880
Singer Herman Julia A. 1889
Sloan Eva William J 1890
Smith Delcary Ella W 1895
Stevens Lyman Caroline 1868
Stitt Thomas J. Claudia R. 1909
Swift Charles A Catherine 1889
Tatner Jane P. Henry 1866
Tetis Paris Nancy 1876
Tibbals Henry L. Caroline 1887
Tobey Nathaniel D. Sarah J. 1890
Tucker Franklin Elizabeth 1889
Tucker Hiram W. Luella Maud 1911
van Bokkelen Nancy Jacob J. H. 1879
van Patten Charlie C. Susan C. 1864
Volpey John Rachel 1862
Weed Frances Franklin 1890
Wescott Emma Alfred E 1880
Weston Louisa George W 1877
White Ella M. George W 1882
White George Jennie 1883
Whitlow Kate Alexander 1885
Williams L. Grace F. K. 1889
Williams Lottie Harry 1882
Willing George Martha L. 1878
Wilson Frederick A. Eizabeth d. 1868
Wist John G. Susan 1870
Wright Mary Thomas S 1857
Zick Harry Josephine 1889