JCGS has indexed and cataloged almost 430,000 records covering myriad aspects of the lives of Jefferson County residents — including birth and death, land records, military service and even dry cleaning records and the issuance of dog licenses. The indexes to about 180,000 records are listed below. The complete set of databases can be viewed at the Research Center. If you are unable to visit the Research Center, JCGS would be happy to assist you with your research. Go to the Research Request  page for details. You might also consider visiting the Washington State Digital Archives for state-wide searches.


  • Birth announcements
  • Engagements, Marriages & Anniversaries
  • Divorces & Summons
  • Naturalizations
  • Estates & Probates
  • Search The Morning Leader online. Free. Currently, issues from 1903-1921 are included in the digital collection.


Indexes to Deaths, Burials & Obituaries

Index to Birth Records (1892-1926)

This index contains information abstracted by JCGS volunteers from Birth Certificates for the period 1892 to 1926, and Delayed Birth Certificates for the period 1868-1891  The record may contain name, birthplace age and residence of parents.

Indexes of names found in local history books

Jefferson County Genealogical Society volunteers have prepared name indexes for several Jefferson County books held by our Library. These books are available for viewing at the Research Center in Port Townsend, Washington.

 Index to Court Records

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Index to City and Business Directories (1872-1956)

Index to Land Abstracts (1850-1954)

This index contains Land Abstract files from 1850-1954 which were compiled by local title companies.  This record includes the legal description of the property and may include information on purchase or sale of property.

Index to Mariner Records (1850-1912)

Index to Marriage Records (1855-1933)

JCGS Volunteers have abstracted marriage information from the Jefferson County Auditor’s Office Marriage Records for the years 1855 to 1933.  (See also Newspaper Index of Announcements of Engagements, Marriages & Anniversaries: 1877-1961, 1994-2012.)

Military Indexes (1890-1946)

Miscellaneous Records (1855-1954)

This index includes more than 18,000 names from 24 data sets.

Newspaper Indexes

  • Birth Announcements, including some adoptions: 1860-1959, 1980-2012. There are a spattering of listings for the 1960s and the 1970s.
  • Announcements of Engagements, Marriages & Anniversaries: 1877-1961, with gaps in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1994-2012.
  • Notices of Divorces and Summons: 1900-1955, 1971-1972. There are a few listings 1869-1900.
  • Announcements of Naturalizations: 1889-1955, 1962-1963; there is one listing from 1872.
  • Notices regarding Estates & Probates (with some adoptions and guardianships): 1862-1877, 1891-1957.

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Indexes to Tax & License Records

Index to Vertical Files (on families and people)

The Jefferson County Genealogical Society maintains files on some Jefferson County families. The “Vertical File” may contain notes, newspaper articles and other information pertaining to each family.

Index to Voter Records

  • Voter Registrations from Port Townsend Precinct Books: 1886-1899, 1913-1914.
  • Jefferson County voters: 1914

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