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These videos cover specific countries. JCGS is not responsible for the maintenance or content of these videos. A link to a website or any contents that a particular video or website might promote is not an endorsement by JCGS. We have placed these videos here because they offer useful genealogical material and wish to share them with our members and visitors. Click on the link below or on the video’s title to be taken to the Youtube Channel.

(Length of video is shown in parenthesis at the end of each listing.)

The Three C’s of Irish Research,” from LegacyFamilyTree Youtube Channel. (15:00)

Researching Your Scottish Ancestors,” from LegacyFamilyTree Youtube Channel. (15:01)

How to Use Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire,” from’s Youtube Channel. (27:27)

A video interview pertaining to “Canadian Border Crossings” from FamilyHistoryExpos Youtube channel. (7:16)

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