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Here you will find a variety of videos covering different genealogical topics of interest. You may visit the website that the each video is located on and search for other topics that we have not placed here. The videos are not organized in any particular order.

Also, keep in mind that even if a video is oriented toward a specific demographic, the information provided still may be relevant to your own genealogical research. JCGS is not responsible for the content or maintenance of these videos, nor does their inclusion here is to be considered an endorsement of the provider. We are including them as a courtesy to our members and visitors as they contain useful genealogical information.

(Length of video is shown in parenthesis at the end of each listing.)

“Using to Access NARA Records,” from US National Archives Youtube Channel. (56:38)

Dutch New York,” from WNET-New York Public Media. (56:56)

How to Prove Native American Ancestry,” from’s Youtube Channel. (22:45)

Let No Man Put Asunder: Freedmen’s Bureau Records,” from the US National Archives Youtube Channel. (1:12:09)

Finding the Maiden Names of Women in Your Family Tree,” from’s Youtube Channel. (18:02)

Alternatives to Death Certificates in Genealogy,” from’s Youtube Channel. (24:13)

Introduction to Using Land Records for Family History,” from’s Youtube channel. (27:40)

Genealogy Introduction–Immigration Records at the National Archives,” from the USNationalArchives Youtube channel. (12:26)

Passport Applications, 1795-1925,” from the USNationalArchives Youtube channel. (39:27)

History of the National Archives Holdings,” from the USNationalArchives Youtube channel. (27:03)

Resources for African American Genealogy Research,” from’s Youtube channel. (33:37)

Joys and Frustrations of African American Research,” WVarchivesandhistory Youtube channel. (1:34:04)

Uncovering Your History: Workshop on Oral History and Genealogy,” from the SPOHP111 Youtube channel. (1:47:44)

Finding Family History Clues in State Censuses,” covers censuses taken by the states and their differences and similarities to the Federal Census. From the Youtube channel. (22:40)

This catalog was compiled in part by the Flathead Valley Genealogical Society.