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Where In The World Am I From?
January 6, 2018, 9:30-11:00 am
Research Center

Members of the Jefferson County Genealogical Society (JCGS) invite the public to a conversation “Where in the World Am I From?” about genealogy and how one goes about finding one’s family.
We’ll talk about where to find family records, answer questions, and give tips. JCGS has size-limitations at their Research Center (13692 Airport Cutoff Road/Highway 19, a few miles south of Port Townsend), so, if you are interested in attending, please let us know. Simply call 360-385-3065 and leave a message for Jim with your full name and email address. Please speak clearly and slowly. Registration Deadline January 4, 2018.

Handouts and Documents

November 18, 2017
Jesse Stewart’s Power Point presentation “Finding Female Ancestors”.

Scottish Research Resources by Pam Stinson. Updated December 2015.

Documenting a Nation’s History Using FamilySearch by David Rencher 2014 (pdf). Handout from Ray Madsen’s talk January 17, 2015.

Special Censuses Summary Sheets (pdf). Lesa Barnes’ handout from Sept 27, 2014, Resource Corner.

Writing Strategies and Models: Sheila Bender’s Presentation. (pdf)    Sheila’s handouts. (pdf)  From 15 February 2014 JCGS monthly meeting.

Lethene Parks’ Bibliography for Migration, Maps and National Expansion. From 18 May 2013 JCGS monthly meeting.

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 Educational Videos

Here you will find a variety of videos covering different topics on genealogy. The topics may pertain to a specific country or state, cover topics such as locating the maiden names of women, military research, or research in a specific archives. The videos are produced by a variety of organizations, including, the National Archives, Legacy Family Tree, West Virginia Archives, etc. Most can be found on YouTube.

Please click on the research topic you are interested in and view the videos available for that topic.

JCGS did not create any of these videos. JCGS is not responsible for their content or maintenance. A link to a particular video is not to be considered an endorsement by JCGS. We have simply gathered them here as a convenient resource.

This catalog was compiled in part by the Flathead Valley Genealogical Society.